How A Security System Can Protect Your Employees and Business

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How A Security System Can Protect Your Employees and Business

As a business owner, the protection of employees and the overall company should be at the forefront of your mind. While there are no assurances that you can keep your business and employees safe 100% of the time, it is essential to take steps that lead you in that direction. Fire, burglary, vandalism, internal theft, and employee safety are all things that are important to consider when being a business owner, and having a security system in the mix, only helps to achieve the goal of total protection in all areas. 

When you make the decision to have a security system integrated into your business, you are deterring crime, increasing revenue, and improving employee safety. 

Reduce the Risk of Theft, Burglary & Vandalism 

Have you ever seen a news story about a business being broken into or vandalized? I bet you were thinking, “thank goodness that wasn’t me.” However, have you ever considered how fast it could have been you? Businesses with security systems are 60% less likely to be burglarized. By adding a security system to your business, you reduce your risk of theft, burglary, and vandalism. Those seem like pretty good odds to us! Make sure you put your yard sign outside and attach window stickers to business windows to let people know you are protected. 

Detect an Intruder & Receive Quick Responses from Authorities 

With Video Verification, you can detect an intruder in real-time. If your business is burglarized, monitoring center professionals will receive a notification and a clip of the intruder. This allows the ADS monitoring center team to dispatch police 80% faster and provide an accurate description of the intruder. With Video Verification, the intruder is more likely to be caught, so you can rest easy knowing your business is protected 24/7. 

Control Who is Allowed in the Building and Where They Can Go 

A great feature of commercial security is access control. This feature allows businesses to grant access to employees so they can enter and move throughout the building. It can be customized to each employee, and access to sensitive areas can be granted or restricted at the manager’s request. Access control can also keep track of when an employee has entered and exited a space, so there will always be a record of who was where. This comes in handy if there is a case of employee theft or any other questionable behavior. 

Lower Your Insurance Cost 

Everyone likes to save money! With monitored security, you can cut your commercial business insurance by up to 20%. Over a few years, that is a substantial cost saving. Not only does it bring peace of mind to you as a business owner, but it’s a simple process once you add the security to your business. You can fill out a form, and it will be sent straight to your insurance agent. It’s that easy! 

With all the benefits of adding a monitored security system to your business, it’s hard to argue not having one. If you are ready to research these options, ADS Security could be the perfect fit for you. Design your customized security solution today by clicking here, and get on track for a safer tomorrow! 

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