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Financial Services Company

A neighborhood-based financial services company with locations across Mississippi and Tennessee had two main objectives when looking at security options: preventing and protecting against burglaries and keeping employees safe.

Why did this multi-location bank choose to work with ADS Security?

Prior to ADS, each of its 31 locations had outdated alarms and surveillance cameras that were maintained and installed by a variety of security companies. After being impressed with the installation of his home security system, the owner of this financial services company recognized ADS Security’s commitment to customer service and security quality. He decided that ADS should take over all security needs for his business.

What services did this medium-sized bank implement in all its locations?

Each location upgraded its security system and added on services to ensure employee safety. ADS installed magnetic locks on entrances, which allows store managers to instantly lock the front and/or back door from their office, instead of having to get up and manually lock the door before counting cash. Also, ADS installed wireless panic buttons to help keep employees safe in the store and when going to and from their car when opening or closing the store. Supervised opens and closings guarantee that each store opens and closes at the correct time. If a location doesn’t open or close at the designated time, an alert is triggered, and management can investigate. ADS also installed a state-of-the-art, high-definition surveillance system that allows the security director to monitor customers and employees.

How did ADS Security make it easier for this financial services company?

The security director enjoys having ADS as his one point of contact for all his locations. He appreciates the quick customer service he receives, the ease of use with his security systems, and the fact that his employees now feel safer at work.

The employees feel safer knowing that a high-end surveillance system provides incredible coverage for each location’s 2,000 square feet interior as well as the exterior. Their panic buttons give them the peace of mind they deserve when they go home for the day and come in every morning.

What was it like to work with ADS Security?

The owner is thrilled with the speed and quality of service he received from ADS Security and their professionalism from the start.

From an out-of-date mishmash of security systems with different vendors, old surveillance cameras with poor quality, and little to no protection for employees and management, this multi-location company feels they took the right step by contacting ADS Security. With updated equipment, high-end cameras, a monitored security system, and vast improvements in employee safety protocols and tools, the company was able to stop worrying about security and focus entirely on offering help and financial assistance to its thousands of customers.

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