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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Here are some frequently asked questions.

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  • Who is ADS?

    ADS Security is one of the leading local security companies in the Southeast. We provide transparent pricing and legendary service to more than 100,000 homes and businesses.

  • What does ADS stand for?

    In the early days, we acquired a security company in the Tennessee area with the name, Alarm Detection Systems. So, technically speaking, ADS used to stand for Alarm Detection Systems. However, we have grown so much and now offer our customers much more than just alarm detection. So, we now just go by our former nickname, ADS Security.

  • How large is ADS Security?

    Ranked as the 15th largest security firm in the nation, we have the expertise of the large companies, but we are small enough to give our customers the local, legendary service that the big guys can't provide.

  • Do you offer both home and business security?

    Yes. We specialize in both business and home security.

  • What makes ADS Security better than other home security companies?

    As one of the leading security companies in the Southeast, we know how important trust is in security. We go above and beyond to provide straightforward, legendary service that you can trust. We are the only security company that provides all residential security customers with a lifetime guarantee and free, professional service for life. We are also one of the only security companies to offer a free loyalty program so our customers can upgrade their security system without breaking the bank.

  • What makes ADS Security better than other business security companies?

    There are no sacrifices with ADS Security. ADS provides the straightforward, local, and personalized service of a small company along with the robust, reliable security technology of a large company.

  • How do ADS Security's prices compare to other security companies?

    Most security companies try to trick shoppers with a low advertised price on a stripped down security system with old technology. Then, somewhere along the way, they switch the price and try to talk shoppers into paying 2-3 times the advertised price. At ADS Security, we think baiting and switching is dishonest. All of our transparent prices are what you will actually pay and all of the security packages use the latest security technology. We won't try to sell you an expensive system you don't need and we will not sell you a cheap security system that won't be useful or reliable.

  • How much do you charge per month? How much is monitoring?

    Prices are based on the size of your home, your lifestyle, and what devices you need to keep you and your family safe. Our professional monitoring with our lifetime guarantee, free service for life, and a smart smoke detector starts at $39 per month.

  • Can I pay for the equipment monthly along with the monitoring?

    The cost of our home security equipment, which includes our lifetime guarantee and free installation, is paid up front. We keep our equipment costs as low as possible to make sure everyone has an opportunity for a safe, secure home. We do offer security equipment leases for businesses.

  • Why do I have to pay up front for ADS equipment when other companies give away their equipment for free?

    In our experience, we have found that security companies who give away security equipment are either giving away unreliable, cheap equipment that is outdated or they charge a really high monthly price to compensate for the free equipment.

  • Do you provide discounts?

    Periodically, we offer our new and existing customers special discounts. Subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of our website for alerts about upcoming discounts.

  • Where is ADS located?

    ADS Security is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and has 25 local branches in 8 different states throughout the Southeast. The states we protect are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. For more information on specific branches in your area, visit our locations page and enter your zip code here.

  • Where is your alarm monitoring center?

    The ADS Security Monitoring Center is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Do you own your monitoring center?

    Yes. Unlike most other security companies, we own and operate our own elite monitoring center that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. We think this is an important way to provide our customers with legendary service.

  • Do you have customer references?

    We proudly service over 100,000 satisfied homes and businesses. To see what our customers think about working with ADS Security, please read our Google Reviews or visit our customer stories page here.

  • How long has ADS Security been in business?

    ADS Security has been protecting homes and businesses in the Southeast for 28 years.

  • What is the lifetime guarantee?

    The ADS Lifetime Guarantee applies to our home security customers and ensures you are 100% satisfied. If you have any issues, we won't rest until you are satisfied. If, for any reason, we are unable to resolve your concerns, you can cancel your service without early termination fees or penalties.

  • Can I take my security system with me when I move?

    If you move, we make it easy so you can take ADS Security with you! You can learn more about our free move program here.

  • Does ADS Security require a contract?

    All home security packages have a 36-month agreement, a lifetime guarantee, free service for life, leading security technology at competitive prices, and 24/7 live customer support. For our business customers, we offer leading security technology at a discounted price, discounted service, and 24/7 live customer support with our 36-month agreements.

  • What comes with your home security systems?

    Each home security system comes with our premium touchscreen security system, a monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detector, our lifetime guarantee, free service for life, 24/7 live customer support, and our ADS Aniware app. Additional devices are dependent on the package you choose and whether or not you would like to customize the package to fit your needs.

  • How long does an installation take for home security?

    The time it takes to install your new system ranges from 2-4 hours. This depends on the equipment being installed and the size of your home. Our professional installers make sure you feel comfortable using the system and will take the time to answer any questions you have.

  • How long does an installation take for a business?

    The time it takes to install your new system ranges from a few hours to a few days, depending on how robust and complex your security needs are. Our professional installers make sure you feel comfortable using the system and will take the time to answer any questions you have.

  • When can I get a security system installed?

    At ADS, we want to make sure you are secured as soon as possible. The installation date can happen within days of completing your order, depending on our installation schedule. After the order is complete for your system, we will reach out to schedule an installation time and date that is best for you.

  • Are your security systems wireless or hardwired?

    The home security systems we feature on our website are all wireless, easy to install, and easy to use. Since they are wireless and have a cellular backup included, they are able to communicate with our alarm monitoring center, even if you have a power outage.

  • How long do the batteries last in your wireless security systems?

    Battery life is dependent on a number of factors, but with regular use, our alarm panel and sensor batteries can last up to 2 years.

  • My house or business already has a security system. Can ADS Security monitor my existing system?

    While we always recommend upgrading your security system to the latest technology, we can have one of our security professionals come out for free to see if we can use your existing security equipment. Click here if you would like someone to come out to your home or business.

  • Do you install cameras?

    Yes. We have some of the highest quality, high-definition indoor and outdoor cameras on the market for both homes and businesses.

  • Do you have a mobile app?

    Yes! We have one of the highest-rated apps on the market. With the ADS Aniware app, you can do things like arm and disarm your security system, view the weather forecast, view indoor or outdoor cameras, and control other devices in your home or business.

  • What happens to my alarm system if my power goes out?

    All ADS Security systems have a backup battery that will keep your security system up and running for several hours, in the event of a power outage.

  • What kind of security equipment do you use?

    We only use the latest security technology that is tested for high levels of privacy and durability. You can learn more about our home security equipment here. You can learn more about our business security equipment here.

  • Does ADS have access to my cameras at my home or business?

    Unlike other security or camera companies that have poor security and privacy practices, we take our customers' privacy very seriously. We do not have the ability to monitor your cameras from our monitoring center. For our business security customers, we do offer a special camera service that sends our monitoring center a short video clip if an alarm is triggered. This allows our alarm dispatchers to get law enforcement to the crime scene much faster and gives local law enforcement helpful information like clothes the suspect is wearing.

  • What happens if my alarm goes off?

    If your security alarm goes off at your home or business, you will receive a phone call from ADS Security to verify that you are ok. If you don't answer or if you confirm that you need help, we immediately dispatch the local authorities. If our monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off, we immediately dispatch the local fire department and then will call to notify you that help is on the way.

  • Do I really need professional monitoring on my security system?

    Yes. You are the most secure when you leave the alarm monitoring to professionals. At ADS, our monitoring center never closes. We have professionals watching over your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It doesn't matter if you are asleep, on vacation, or not by your phone because we always have your back.

  • Do you offer a security system I can install myself?

    At ADS, we believe in thorough, professional installations. All of our home security packages come with free professional installation. So, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank and there is no need to stress about the complexity of installing a security system yourself.

  • What is the AT&T 2G Sunset?

    In August of 2012, AT&T Inc. announced that the shutdown of its second-generation, or "2G," wireless network will be complete by the end of 2016. Why does the 2G Sunset affect alarm systems? Wireless alarm systems communicate via cellular networks like the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Many wireless alarm systems were installed with a 2G compatible GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) device that can only communicate via the 2G wireless network. Therefore, when the 2G network ceases to exist, these alarm systems will no longer be able to communicate alarm signals. What do you need to do to make sure your alarm system will not be affected by the 2G Sunset? If your system will be affected, we will discuss the next step in making sure your alarm system will be protected from the elimination of the 2G wireless network. Visit our ATT 2G Sunset page to learn more.  Contact ADS online or call 866.837.8110 and we can determine whether your system will be affected.

  • What are your security packages and pricing?

    We know no home and business are alike. We custom build security and automation packages to meet your specific and individual needs. Fill out the form on our Contact page or call us at 800.297.9311 so we can start designing the system that is right for you! To view residential packages, please click here.

  • Am I in your service area?

    Visit our Locations page to find the branch nearest you.

  • What products and services does ADS offer?

    ADS offers a wide range of products and services, including surveillance camerasburglaryfireaccess control, wireless monitoring and much more. Depending on your location the exact manufacturer and product may vary. Please contact your local ADS branch to find out which products and services are available in your area.

Monitoring Center

  • Where is your alarm monitoring center?

    The ADS Security Monitoring Center is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Do you own your monitoring center?

    Yes. Unlike most other security companies, we own and operate our own elite monitoring center that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. We think this is an important way to provide our customers with legendary service.

  • Will the fire department always show up if my fire alarm goes off?

    Due to the rapid spread nature of fire, we need to get emergency services to your home or business as quickly as possible to limit costly damage and save lives. Upon receipt of a fire signal we will contact emergency services first and then we will attempt to contact you and your contact list as needed.

  • What happens if the Monitoring Center loses power?

    Our Monitoring Center comes well supplied with commercial grade generators and uninterruptible power sources.

  • Is the monitoring center UL-listed and TMA Five Diamond designated?

    Yes, the ADS Monitoring Center is UL-listed. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the leader in the certification and listing of Monitoring Centers. In order to receive UL listing, Monitoring Centers must meet demanding requirements for architectural and physical security features as well as emergency power, computer hardware and software and operator training. Many insurance companies require alarm monitoring to be performed by a UL-listed Monitoring Center in order to qualify for significant premium discounts.

    Visit Underwriters Laboratories for more information.

    Yes, the ADS Monitoring Center is TMA Five Diamond designated.

    The Monitoring Association (TMA), formerly the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA): "The TMA Five Diamond Program is a balanced certification program providing a differentiation in the central station monitoring marketplace because it signifies five points of excellence:

    1. Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL and UL.
    2. Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
    3. Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its monitoring operators certified using the TMA online training series.
    4. Commitment to raising the industry standards through TMA membership and participation in its activities.
    5. Commitment to reducing false dispatches."

    This designation, and its annual renewal, demonstrate a commitment to the continual upgrade in the performance levels of the monitoring operators who are the first line of defense in private sector emergency response. Companies with this status have made it a practice to meet the highest levels of professionalism, training, and expertise in the industry.

    Visit TMA for more information.

Customer Care

My System

  • How do I control my system when I’m away from home?

    It depends on your system and the types of services you are signed up for. ADS Smart Security systems allow you to control your system from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This service does require a cellular or internet compatible system to be installed. Anytime you will be away from your home or business for a few days please contact the Monitoring Center at 800.866.6486 and let them know what dates you will be away. You can assign keycodes and false alarm ID/passcodes/passwords for neighbors or family checking on your home. Before you go out of town make sure your contact list is updated. If any other problems arise when you are gone, please call the Monitoring Center.

  • What happens if my power goes out?

    All ADS security systems have a backup battery that should power your security system for several hours in case power fails. If you choose, we can configure your system to automatically send a Critical Power Fail signal to our Monitoring Center which will be recorded in your alarm history. Ask your ADS Sales Representative about Critical Power Fail signal options for your system. This additional service will notify you if power is lost. This is especially useful if you have a large food freezer, medical equipment, or special pets (tropical birds, fish, etc.).

  • If my alarm system is not armed are my fire and carbon monoxide detectors still monitored?

    Yes. The Monitoring Center will receive fire and carbon monoxide alarms even if your alarm keypad is not armed. These are 24/7 monitored sensors.

  • Keypad code, false alarm ID/passcode/password - What are these and how can I change them?

    Your false alarm ID/passcode/password is used by the Monitoring Center. It identifies you or any other person is given access to your security system as an approved user. Approved users are able to make decisions about further action once an alarm is received. Your false alarm ID/passcode/password may be changed by calling the Monitoring Center at 800.866.6486.

    Your keypad code is the code you type into your keypad to arm or disarm your system. This code should not be the same one used for your false alarm ID/passcode/password in the Monitoring Center. You can change your keypad code from your keypad and assign others accessing your home their own unique keypad code.

    Changing your keypad code will depend on which ADS manufacturer made your keypad. Please click the appropriate keypad guide. Before changing any codes call the Monitoring Center and put your system in "test" mode 800.866.6486 to avoid error.

    Lynx Touch Keypad Guide

    DMP Keypad Guide DMP Keypad Guide

    2GIG Keypad Guide 2GIG Keypad Guide

    If you are still having trouble or do not see your keypad above, please call the ADS Monitoring Center for assistance at 800.866.6486.

  • My keypad says "FC", what do I do?

    If an "FC" or "Failure to Communicate" signal appears your system needs to be reset. Call your local branch office to schedule service.

  • What do I do if my system says "low battery" or "Low Battery CPU"?

    If the system displays a Low Battery, or Low Battery CPU (Central Processing Unit) please call your local branch office and they can give you instructions on how to change the battery yourself or they can schedule a service call for a fee.

  • What do I do if I accidentally trigger a false alarm?

    Please call the Monitoring Center at 800.866-6486 as soon as you trigger the alarm. This will prevent emergency services from being dispatched. If you do not call the Monitoring Center, they will attempt to contact you to make sure you are ok. Do not leave without calling or receiving a call from a Monitoring Center Operator. Be prepared to give the Operator your false alarm ID/passcode/password. False alarms occupy emergency services and could slow their response times to actual emergencies. False alarms can also be costly as some local authorities will charge fines for false alarm dispatches. To learn more about preventing false alarms please view this document.

  • How do I test my system?

    ADS recommends monthly testing of your system. Call the Monitoring Center at 800.866.6486 and they will assist you. You need to call to place your system in test mode. Once placed on test, arm your system and trigger an alarm. When an alarm is triggered call the Monitoring Center back. Be prepared to provide your false alarm ID/passcode/password to put your system on test.

  • How do I know my system is being monitored?

    To determine if your system is being monitored you need to do a test. ADS recommends monthly testing. Call the Monitoring Center at 800.866.6486 and they will assist you with performing a test. It is your responsibility to test your system on a regular basis. Be prepared to provide your false alarm ID/passcode/password to put your system on test.

  • What is a Periodic Timer Test?

    Ask your ADS Sales Representative about a Periodic Timer Test. This additional service sends a test signal from your system to our Monitoring Center automatically on a regular schedule. If our computer does not receive the signal when expected, you and your local ADS branch are notified. Please note that periodic timer tests will test the communication path from your system to our Monitoring Center, but not the devices themselves.


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