7 Ways to Prevent False Alarms with Your Home Security System 

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Easy Ways to Prevent False Alarms with Your Security System

Easy Ways to Prevent False Alarms with Your Security System

Life happens, and unfortunately, so do false alarms. They can be triggered based on several things, but often false alarms are due to user error. Unlike other security companies, ADS Security does not charge false alarm fees, but it’s important to try to reduce the number of false alarm occurrences so first responders aren’t overwhelmed. The reduction of false alarms increases their ability to respond quickly to actual emergencies. Here are 7 ways to reduce false alarms.  

1 – Remember to enter your home through your delay door. 

What is a delay door? It’s the main door you use to get into your home every day. When having your system installed, make sure the keypad is placed near this entry point so you can disarm your system within those 10-30 seconds of walking through the door.  

2 – Keep a clear area around motion sensors. 

Moveable objects such as balloons, curtains, decorations, and pets can set off motion detectors. If you’re leaving your home for an extended period, plan accordinglso those areas aren’t set off by motion.  

3 – Always make sure doors and windows are secureand locked before going to bed. 

This may seem like a no brainer but knowing that everything is locked before going to bed, or before leaving the house, ensures that a gust of wind or family pet won’t set off the system. When you lock the doors and windows and arm your system daily, it’s also likely that you’ll get into the routine of turning the alarm off each morning and arming your system when you leave for work.  

4 – Commit your keypad code to memory 

If you have an alarm system, you need to commit your keypad code to memory as you will be using it every day. If your memory isn’t the best, write it down and store it somewhere safe so you know the security code and your verbal password 

Pro tip: A key fob is a great tool to have if you want to disarm your system before you enter the house or for when you can’t get to the keypad in time (hands full of groceries, kids running around, or a happy pet greeting you at the door). If you’re having trouble remembering your 4-digit keypad code, a key fob will also come in handy as well.  

5 – Understand your glass break’s sensitivity  

Glass break detectors are a really cool technology. They not only trip the alarm in the case of glass breaking, but they also are engineered to trip with other loud noises like a door being kicked in. However, dogs barking, furniture falling over, or cats knocking things off of counters have also been known to trip the sensor. Make sure you speak with your security technician about the sensitivity of your glass break detectors and what has the possibility of setting them offYour ADS Security technician can also adjust the sensitivity on some models. 

6 – Let visitors know about your security system  

You know about your security system because you use it (hopefully) every day. But when guests visit for the weekend or when friends come over, be sure to let them know about your system too. It is also a good idea to train them on how to arm and disarm the system so they aren’t fumbling with the code while the system is counting down or the siren is going off. Keeping everyone in the house aware of your security system helps prevenfalse alarms from happening.  

7 – Be aware of storms in your area 

Sometimes storm systems such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or even a thunderstorm with strong winds can set off an alarm by tripping a motion detector, setting off a glass break detector, or blowing open a door. Stay up to date on severe weather in your area and keep a close eye on your security system during storms.

Are you interested in protecting your home or transferring your services over to ADS Security to make your space safer? You can build a security system that fits best with your needs here. Our technicians will make sure to design the system so your risk of false alarms is low.

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