Protect Your Home From Crime: Burglary Prevention Checklist

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Burglary Prevention Checklist

One of the biggest home security fears we all share is a burglar breaking in while you’re away. Burglars are smart enough to find that spare key you hid under the doormat—and smart enough to know you’re probably not home during the day. 

To help you lower your risk of a home break-in, we put together a safety checklist: 

Secure sliding doors and windows

Simply placing a sturdy rod or dowel in the frame can provide extra security and lessen the risk of forced entry. And if possible, install monitors that provide an alert when a door is opened while you’re away. 


Create the idea that someone is home

Add interior/exterior lights that operate on a variable timer, keep the television on when you’re not home and try to leave a car parked outside. All three of these tactics make it appear to a burglar that if he or she entered, someone would be inside. 


Ensure exterior doors are locked as soon as you leave

Did you know that 30% of theft happens because a door or window was left open? By installing automatic smart locks, a feature included with most home security systems – including ADS Security systems, you’ll no longer have to worry about if you left the door unlocked. 


Be smart about storing spare keys

Stop putting your key under the doormat! Choose less traditional hiding places. You can also consider giving a pair to your neighbor or investing in an outdoor key hider. 


Keep curtains and blinds closed

Be cautious about positioning valuable items near doors and windows. If they can see it, they can steal it! 


Install a professionally monitored home security system

You didn’t think we would leave this out, did you? An ADS Security system can be both your first line burglar deterrent and help you minimize break-in losses by alerting you and the authorities of any unauthorized access of your home. 

Assessing the level of security in your home is critical no matter how long you’ve been there. While there may not be a guaranteed way to prevent a break-in, taking precautionary steps to protect your home is sure to lower your risk. 

Burglars want a quick and easy target, so be intentional with how you protect your home!

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