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Smart Home Automation

Smart Security, Smart Home We think it’s better when your devices work together.

Alexa, secure my home.

ADS smart home products gives you the ability to connect your security system to all your favorite smart home devices so you’re in control anytime, anywhere. Did you forget to arm your system before heading to bed? Are you worried you left a window or door unlocked? With our smart security app, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can easily secure and manage your home right from the palm of your hand. Now, that’s smart home security.

ADS home security technology works with both Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

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Getting locked out is a thing of the past with ADS keyless and remote entry.

Reduce burglaries by installing automatic locks and grant keyless entry to friends, family and others through our smart security app. Through the app, you can change the entry code as often as you would like and you’ll never have to second guess whether or not you locked your front door or closed your garage door. Check out our other products

Put Your Lights On An Automated Schedule

Do you have a hard time seeing when you walk inside at night? Let your home guide you with lights that automatically turn on when you pull into the driveway or walk into the house. Not only can you turn your lights on and off with our smart security app, you can also dim your lights from your phone or control the shades in your room.  Automatic lights also double as a great burglar deterrent! When you’re not home, turn your lights on and off with our smart security app and avoid being a burglar’s next target. Bonus: By setting up your lights on an automated schedule, you can save energy and money. 

Fully Integrate Your Home

The key to having a well-protected home is to make sure it’s connected. When all your smart home technology works together your home becomes safer and smarter. Connect your security system with:

  • Alexa or Apple Homekit
  • Z-Wave products
  • August door lock
  • And more

Want to find out how we can make your house a smarter home, talk to a pro today!


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