DIY Home Security vs. Professionally Installed Security

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DIY Home Security Systems vs. Professional Installation: Which is the Right Option for Me?

This article was previously published on July 5, 2019 and updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Are you considering adding a home security system? There are a lot of bells and whistles that go into protecting your home. With all things considered, you’ve probably started asking friends (or Google) questions. You might even be considering the DIY security system route to save money.

We’ve been doing this security thing for a little while (over 30 years!) and our goal is to help clarify all the options out there so you can make the most informed decision about home security products. Read along to see a breakdown of the two most popular options on the market today: do-it-yourself home security and professional home security.

DIY Home Security Systems

The DIY option allows you to take home security into your own hands. DIY security products are readily available and can be purchased locally in big-box stores, or online. A DIY system requires you to do just that – purchase, install, learn how to use the system, and monitor it yourself. When considering the DIY route, you should be asking yourself:

– “What are my options for security cameras?”

– “Which cameras are the most reliable?”

– “How complicated is the installation?”

– “I’m pretty handy and want to save money. Could I just do it myself?”

The DIY route allows you to bypass installation fees, monthly monitoring fees, and signing a security contract. This all sounds great. But many DIY installation guides are complex, and this could have you wondering if you installed the security system properly.

For example, without the help of a trained professional, motion detectors could lead to false alarms every time light passes through a room or when air pressure changes in your home. If you set up mobile alerts for your security system, you could also be spammed with unnecessary false alarms throughout the day and night.

When You Should Consider the DIY Route

The DIY route is often ideal for short term residency (i.e. you plan on moving soon or have a lease). In these instances, having a fully integrated security system may not be necessary and you could suffice with a couple of security cameras, motion detectors, etc.

One nice aspect about DIY home security products is that most of these companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, which gives you time to test out the products and you have the option to return the items if they don’t meet your expectations. However, if plan on staying at a property for the long term, you should consider a more robust home security approach.

What You Get with a Professional Home Security Provider

With professional-grade installation and monitoring, you have an entire team of experts that work with you to design a security system that meets your specific needs and budget. On the day of installation, you can sit back and relax. They will handle the entire installation process for you, which also includes testing the security system to ensure it works properly and training you on the best practices to get the most out of your security system.

The installation time depends on the size of the project. But simpler projects can take as little as an hour or two. Additionally, professional home security companies require new customers to sign a contract. They might not be everyone’s favorite thing to sign, but they’re there to assure certified alarm operators will monitor your home for alerts 24/7/365.

Is a Professionally Installed Home Security System Right for Me?

If you’re on the fence between DIY or professional installation, consider these three important points before making a final decision:

– Decide how much you’re willing to spend on home security; make a budget.

– Is it important for your home to be monitored 24/7/365?

– How long do you plan to stay in your current home?

If you want monitored protection 24/7/365, plan on staying in your home a few years (or more) or feel uneasy installing a security system then figuring out how to use it, working with a professional home security company is your best bet. With this option, you’ll have live operators available to help you when you need it and have reliable protection at all hours of the day and night.  To learn more about professional installation contact us today!

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