Security Loyalty Program - ADS Security

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Loyalty Program

The longer you’re with us, the more money you get. It’s that easy. Earn up to $500 in rewards to upgrade your security system.

Loyalty Has Its Perks

  • Did you know that each year you’re a customer of ADS, you earn a $50 reward?
  • It’s true! You can start to redeem your rewards for the latest security and smart home products today!
  • To check your rewards balance, log in to your My ADS account by clicking the link below.


See How Much You've Earned

Earn Upgrades

Each year in the program, your reward will grow by $50 (up to a maximum of $500). You can redeem your reward at any time. Use your reward to upgrade your system to the latest home security and automation technologies, like:

  • Touchscreen Keypads


  • Smart Thermostats
  • Lighting Automation


  • Garage Door Automation
  • Security Cameras


  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Water Automation and Sensors


  • Appliance Automation

Customer Portal

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