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Customer Program Terms & Conditions

Referral Program

A referrer may or may not be a current ADS customer.  In order to receive the $50 reward for referring a new customer to ADS, the referred customer must mention the referrer’s name to the Life Safety Consultant at the time of sale.  Once the new customer’s contract has been received, the $50 reward will be issued to the referring party via check.  If the referrer is an existing ADS customer with an account that is over 60 days past due, a $50 credit will be issued to their ADS account.

Once current ADS customers have referred seven (7) customers, they are eligible for discounted monitoring rates (Free For Life billing status).  To receive Free For Life status, the seven (7) referred customers must all be active accounts, in good standing, within the ADS service area.  If the number of qualified referrals drops below seven (7), the current customer will be notified by mail; replacement referrals must be provided within ninety (90) days in order to maintain Free For Life status.  If replacement referrals are not provided within ninety (90) days, Free For Life status is will be removed until replacement accounts are active.  Multi-site and chain accounts are limited to one location with Free For Life status.

Free For Life billing status includes discounts on the following:

  • Basic Monitoring
  • ADS Lifetime Guarantee Service Plan
  • EverLink® Cell Service
  • Internet Monitoring
  • ADS Aniware®
  • Life Safety Monitoring (Smoke / CO / Water / Heat only) 

Exclusions include, but may not be limited to: Advanced Services such as EverLink Pro®, ADS® Aniware® Automation, ADS® RemoteView+®, ADS® SecureDoor® and Timer Tests.  This offer does not include monitoring on leased systems, commercial fire monitoring or fire tests and inspections.  Other exclusions may apply.  

Moving Program

The free security system offer is valid only for existing customers who have been in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.  The customer must own the property they are moving to and it must be located within the ADS service area.  A 36-month monitoring agreement is required at the existing monthly monitoring rate.  Additional services may be added at the customer’s request.  If the customer’s new location contains an existing security system, ADS will inspect and activate the system and will replace any defective equipment up to the amount of the original equipment contained in the ADS free move system, as defined by 1 alarm control panel, 2 door contacts, 1 motion sensor, 1 siren, 1 smoke detector and 1 cellular communicator.  Free smoke detector available in residential properties only.  Offer to provide a free estimate for customers to move their existing system valid for existing customers in good standing only.  The customer must own the property they are moving to and it must be located within the ADS service area.  These offers cannot be combined with other offers and certain restrictions may apply.

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