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Why a Refrigeration Supplier in MS Trusts ADS Security

Refrigeration Supply Co. of Columbus, MS, relies on ADS Security to protect their warehouse and sales building. Find out from the owner why ADS makes all the difference:

Their Story

Founded in 1992, Refrigeration Supply Co. is a family-owned business with a simple mission of providing premium refrigeration products in the greater Columbus, MS area. Owner and operator Dennis Jones’ competitive edge was kindness, and he built a great reputation with the local community through that approach.  

All was great until disaster struck the company in 2018 when a car crashed through its storeroom window. The crash sparked a fire that quickly engulfed the building, burning it down completely. Luckily, the business bounced back quickly and built new operations a few blocks away.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck a second time. Just three months later, a tornado leveled their warehouse and destroyed the front windows of their sales building. But not even disaster striking twice could slow down Dennis and his business. They have since rebuilt a third time, increased in size, and haven’t had any major disasters since the first two incidents.

How ADS Made The Difference

Refrigeration Supply Co. always had a commercial security system. However, looking for an upgrade, Dennis switched his business to ADS about five years ago. ADS was there for Refrigeration Supply Co. during its most chaotic moments.

According to Dennis, ADS made the difference by providing a detailed security report of triggered alarms during both disasters. The glass breakage detector notified Dennis when the car crashed through his company’s window.

He had quick access to the security camera in the room of the crash. Where, to his dismay, he found a car perched on top of his sales counter. Although the crash ultimately resulted in the loss of the building, Dennis instantly knew what happened, and ADS contacted the fire department as soon as the fire started.

Likewise, when a tornado destroyed the windows on his sales building, Dennis received an alert. With ADS, Dennis has complete confidence when something goes wrong and knows he will get a call almost instantly. Not to mention, ADS’ politeness and promptness is something Refrigeration Supply Co. greatly appreciates.

Other Success Stories

Dennis from Refrigeration Supply Co. of Columbus isn’t the only happy customer from ADS. Each quarter, we do a special feature from one of our commercial or residential customers. You can read other customer success stories to learn more about how ADS makes the difference.

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