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St. Michael’s Church and School

Located on 28 acres in Cary, N.C., St. Michael’s Church and School is the second-largest Catholic church in the state. With approximately 20,000 members of the church, the property includes two schools where 700 students attend, a church seating 1,200 people, a reception hall, and a conference center.

Why did St. Michael’s Church and School choose to work with ADS Security? 

St. Michael’s wanted to simplify its fire and security system to better protect the 5,000 individuals who enter the property daily. The staff also requested to work with a company that would provide excellent customer service since they had experienced many issues with their system in the past. In addition, St. Michael’s looked to reduce costs by working with only one company that could manage everything.

Before interviewing companies, St. Michael’s Church and School worked with five vendors to handle the facility’s fire, access control, video surveillance and security system. Deciding to work with ADS Security provided the staff with a one-stop shop for all their safety needs and further streamlined the communication process if an issue did occur with the system.

“We want to make doing business with ADS easy, trustworthy and reliable. This is exactly what St. Michael’s Church and School was looking for. I think that is why St. Michael’s has been such a loyal customer.” – Chris Admundson, ADS Security Senior Life Safety Consultant

How long was the process to install a new security and fire system? 

ADS Security technicians took over the existing systems at St. Michael’s and installed new access control, fire, video and security systems. This process took approximately two months.

“We’re such a large campus there is always something new to learn. The whole team at ADS is learning as they go trying to figure out how our network works.” – Bill Ciavarra, Facilities Director

How will St. Michael’s School and Church utilize its security system?

Due to the large number of individuals on the property at any given time, the ADS access control system allows the facilities director to restrict or grant access to designated groups of people. This keeps certain parts of the school and church accessible to only St. Michael’s employees and helps better track those leaving and entering the building.

The video surveillance and overall security system allows management to keep an eye on parts of St. Michael’s property and ensures that the area is protected when no one is on the campus. If fire is detected, the fire system will alert the authorities.

What was it like working with ADS Security? 

“I’ve spoken with half a dozen people at ADS, and everyone has been respectful and easy to work with. In general, we are all very satisfied with the property all using ADS.” – Bill Ciavarra, Facilities Director

From working with five different vendors who provided faulty equipment and slow customer service, St. Michael’s Church and School now has a new and up-to-date fire and security system where the facilities director receives a quick response from the ADS support team whenever needed. By consolidating all services to ADS, St. Michael’s was able to reduce its monthly security costs to protect the property.

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