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How a Security System Can Benefit the Entire Neighborhood

There are endless benefits that come with investing in a home security system. With a properly installed system, you can protect your valuables, keep tabs on kids and pets, deter crime, and even lower homeowner’s insurance.   But did you know that by installing a home security system at your residence, you could help prevent crime from occurring throughout your entire neighborhood?   It’s true. Read on for five ways one security...

AT&T and Verizon Announce
3G Network Removal.
Your Alarm System Could be Affected.

It’s official: Pretty soon, the 20-year-old 3G network will be no more. AT&T and Verizon have both announced their decision to turn off their infrastructure that supports 3G wireless communication. This means that millions of devices that rely on 3G to connect with each other will no longer be able to connect, affecting consumers across...

Preparing for a Professional Home Alarm Installation by ADS

Congratulations! You’ve read the statistics, done the research, and reached the conclusion that having a professional home security system installed by ADS Security is the safest and best way to protect you and your family. Our security pros have worked with you to choose the best configuration for your home, from wireless security cameras and...

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