How a Security System Can Benefit the Entire Neighborhood

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How a Security System Can Benefit the Entire Neighborhood

There are endless benefits that come with investing in a home security system. With a properly installed system, you can protect your valuableskeep tabs on kids and pets, deter crime, and even lower homeowner’s insurance.  

But did you know that by installing a home security system at your residence, you could help prevent crime from occurring throughout your entire neighborhood?  

It’s true. Read on for five ways one security system can help better protect your community.  

1. Enhance Traditional Neighborhood Watch Programs 

If your neighborhood engages in a neighborhood watch program, you’re aware of the importance of neighbors looking out for one another.  

But what if you had a neighborhood watch member that never goes to sleep, steps out to run errands or goes out of town? In other words, a security system.  

Your security cameras, motion sensors, door and window alarms, and home automation can keep you informed whenever something is amiss in your home—adding value to a traditional neighborhood watch.  

If suspicious activity is detected, you don’t need to rely on a watchful neighbor’s eye to alert you. You can receive an immediate notification to your mobile device, contact the authorities if needed, and then pass the warning to your neighbors, all within moments.  

2. Home Security Systems Monitor Your Surroundings  

Depending on the resolution of the outdoor camera you choose, you can capture high-quality footage of activity even past your property line.  

For example, if your neighbor’s dog escapes from the yard, your cameras could help them see which direction it was going when it ran away. 

3. Captured Footage Can Assist Authorities in Solving Crimes 

Take this instance in Texas, for example. An unknown woman went door-to-door throughout a neighborhood in the middle of the night, and multiple doorbell cameras and outdoor security cameras captured images of what appeared to be shackles hanging from her wrist.  

Thanks to the help of the captured footage, the woman was identified as a domestic violence victim, and police were able to locate her and save her from a dangerous home environment.  

4. The Presence of Security Systems Can Deter Crime Altogether 

Security cameras can be an extremely effective burglary deterrent. Most burglars won’t risk committing a crime if they notice that a home has security systems.  

In a survey of 86 convicted burglars, most of the respondents said that if they saw cameras, they simply left the premises. Every single respondent said that if an alarm went off while breaking in, that they’d “get the heck out of there!” 

Now, imagine if you and a handful of your neighbors all had visible security systems. All of a sudden, your entire neighborhood looks like a much less desirable target. 

5. Security Systems Can Help You Identify Crime Trends 

Another benefit of your security system could be helping to identify larger scale trends in criminal activity. Especially if a few other neighbors have security systems, your collective alerts, recorded footage and experiences can help police piece together crime trends for the wider community to be aware of.  

As an example, if your neighbor had pricey lawn equipment stolen out of your shed and then your backyard motion sensors were activated during the night, there’s a good chance that the same person or people are targeting lawn equipment in your area.  

As you can see, there are many ways that investing in a home security system can benefit your family and your neighborhood. 

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