Alarm Systems Affected by 3G Discontinuation

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AT&T and Verizon Announce
3G Network Removal.
Your Alarm System Could be Affected.

It’s official: Pretty soon, the 20-year-old 3G network will be no more. AT&T and Verizon have both announced their decision to turn off their infrastructure that supports 3G wireless communication. This means that millions of devices that rely on 3G to connect with each other will no longer be able to connect, affecting consumers across a wide range of industries, including anyone who owns a home security system.

Don’t panic.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand and navigate this decision by AT&T and Verizon, which is called the 3G Sunset:

Should I panic?

Nope! While it might be a mild inconvenience for companies and consumers alike, technology being upgraded is always a good thing.

Why is this affecting so many people?

Millions of companies use wireless technology when setting up communications between devices. From a home security system sending out alarm signals to trucking companies tracking their trucks, the wireless networks provide an invaluable service. As technology improves over the years, communications companies like AT&T find newer and better ways to send faster signals, and each generation improves upon the last. While this is a good thing in the long run, it can cause some minor disruptions when the networks eliminate older generations like 3G to provide better service. All of the industries that rely on the technology that was cutting edge when it was developed have to come up with a solution.

How will my home security system be affected?

If your system uses the 3G network, and you haven’t upgraded by the time AT&T and Verizon remove 3G functionality, your system will no longer be able to send alarm signals to our monitoring center. This means that while an alarm may sound if a window or door is breached, our team won’t be alerted and will not be able to send assistance.

Will I be affected by the 3G Discontinuation?

If you purchased your home security system from ADS before 2018, it’s extremely likely that your alarm system will be one of the ones affected. Contact us today to find out for sure.

Reach out by phone (1.800.448.5852) or email today to schedule your appointment to upgrade to the 4G technology. Customers with Loyalty Dollars, a Lifetime Guarantee and/or Service Plan get the upgrade for free! Our goal is to ensure that every customer gets a 4G upgrade as soon as possible.

I don’t use AT&T or Verizon. Will I still be affected?

If your alarm system is from 2018 or earlier, yes. It doesn’t matter which provider you use personally, because the issue with the 3G discontinuation affects all products that use, rent, or rely on the 3G cellular network for transmissions.

I’m starting to panic.

Don’t! This is as simple as a phone call or email to ADS, a scheduled appointment, and upgraded equipment! It couldn’t be easier. You can contact our team and schedule that appointment here.

What will happen if I don’t contact ADS to upgrade?

If you don’t reach out to ADS by phone at 1-800-448-5852 or through our contact form to upgrade your system from 3G, once AT&T and Verizon officially deactivate the 3G network, your alarm system will no longer send a signal to our monitoring center. That’s why it’s so important to upgrade!

When are AT&T and Verizon canceling the 3G Network?

They will be rolling out the deactivation in phases, with the final phase happening in less than 24 months! That’s why it’s imperative to schedule your upgrade as soon as you can, to ensure interrupted service and monitoring.

What do I need to do to make sure my home security system continues to work normally?

It’s simple! Just call ADS at 1-800-448-5852 or email us today! One of our helpful technicians will be able to explain your options and schedule your upgrade in no time.

I made my appointment for an upgrade before the 3G Discontinuation without panicking!

Good for you! We believed in you the whole time.

Don’t be left behind. Call ADS at 1-800-448-5852 or contact ADS today to find out what steps need to be taken for your home alarm system to be brought current with the new communication standards!

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