How Video Surveillance Can Protect Your Business and Employees

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How Video Surveillance Can Protect Your Business and Employees

Video surveillance is an essential component to any business’s security system. Video surveillance works by installing high-quality cameras throughout your business and recording everyone and everything that happens within it.  

Video surveillance typically offers a live feed and recording capabilities, meaning a security personnel or business owner can watch the feeds remotely on a dedicated monitor or via an app on a mobile device. The footage is also usually recorded and stored on a physical device, like an NVR, or in the cloud.  

Wondering how video surveillance can actually help your business? Start here.  

1. Catch Criminals in the Act… And Prevent Crime in the First Place 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of video surveillance is the capability of catching criminals who might be trying to steal from, vandalize or otherwise harm your business. Someone watching a live feed can catch them in the act and intervene or contact the authorities.  

Similarly, recorded video footage can help police identify and locate a criminal after a crime has occurred. This is why it’s so important to have high-quality video cameras properly positioned around your business.  

Criminals are also less likely to target a business with a strong security system, so by installing video surveillance you’re making the environment safer for employees and customers.  

2. Contact Authorities Without Lifting a Finger 

f a crime occurs when nobody is around, you can rely on video verification to amp up your video surveillance system.  

Video verification works like this: You and a 24/7 monitoring center are immediately notified when an alarm goes off. You’ll receive a video of what triggered the alarm. If there’s an emergency, the monitoring team will call 911 and share the video footage to let operators know exactly how to respond. 

With this specialized service, police response time is 85% faster, and you can rest assured that emergencies will be handled promptly.  

3. Stop Workplace Violence 

In 2018, more than 20,000 injuries were caused as a result of workplace violence. Not only does the threat of workplace violence affect employees, it can have a trickle-down effect to customers if employees are generally anxious, upset or distracted at work. Furthermore, you could be dealing with a lawsuit if an employee is injured as a result of workplace violence.  

One of the best ways to combat workplace violence is by utilizing video surveillance. Assailants are less likely to act out if they know their crimes will be caught on camera. And potential victims gain peace of mind knowing they’re protected by video recording.  

How to Correctly Implement Video Surveillance in Your Business 

There are some important considerations for an effective video surveillance setup, which include: 

-Utilizing high-quality surveillance cameras with the appropriate resolution for your needs.  

-Having cameras professionally installed to ensure there are no blind spots.  

-Choosing the correct cameras for the areas you need to record.  

-Following local legislation around when and where you can record, if you can record audio and if you must alert people that you’re recording. 

These are just a few tips; proper video surveillance might require insight from a professional.  

Want to find out more about video surveillance? Customize a solution for your business and discover if video surveillance is right for your business needs.  


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