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How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are a nice addition to any home. They provide ample natural light, a picturesque view, and easy access to the outside. However, they can also provide a vulnerability for burglars to exploit, giving them a clear view into your home and an area they can break into.

If you have a sliding glass door, you want to secure it to better protect your home from crime. Here are a few sliding glass door security options to get you started.  

Use Your Door’s Locking System

Although this may seem like common sense, households that leave their doors unlocked are more common than you think. Nearly 20% of US households don’t lock their doors while at home, providing a surprisingly large opportunity for burglars.

There are several different types of sliding glass door security locks, so make sure you understand how to properly secure your type. If your lock ever breaks, make sure you contact your local locksmith immediately. And just remember, whether you’re home or away, lock your doors to keep the intruders at bay.

Cover Your Door

As stated previously, having a sliding glass door gives outsiders and clear view of your home. Outsiders can look through the door to spot any valuables or areas to burglarize. A simple solution here is covering your door at night or while you’re away.

Curtains or blinds are stylish options that you can open and close at any time and could add to the overall aesthetic of the room. Sliding panels and shutters are another noteworthy option. However, automated covers run a little on the expensive side. And if you have pets or children, the cost of broken blinds could add up quickly.

Another option is to use decorative window film. You can custom fit these films to fit your door perfectly, and they are transparent enough to let sunlight through. Not to mention, there are tons of creative and unique designs you can use to add an artistic touch to the area.

Ensure Your Door Properly Fits on the Tracks

If your sliding glass door has even slid off the track, you probably already know how much of a pain it can be to get it back on. When this happens occasionally, that normally isn’t too much cause for concern. Just make sure you properly place it back on the track.

However, if your door slides off the track frequently, that’s usually the sign of an old or improperly fitted track. Don’t neglect to replace the track if the issue persists. Burglars can rock the door of its track to make it easier to get into your home, so make sure you give your local door repair a call.  

Get a Sliding Glass Door Security Bar

Another way to keep your door from sliding off the tracks is to install a security bar. It’s a cheap solution that does the trick. There are two types of bars: one you put in the track and one you place higher up on the door known as a “Charley bar.”

Both bars are adjustable, so you can set them at the proper length. They are also easy to install. With a regular security bar, you just place it on the track. With a Charley bar, you generally need to mount one end of the bar with a couple of screws. Just make sure you follow the product guidelines to ensure a proper installation.

Install a Security System

Did you know homes without a security system are 3x more likely to be broken into? At ADS Security, we offer a wide array of smart home security products to help deter burglars from breaking into your home.

Feel free to contact an ADS security expert today to learn more about our security options.

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