Using Security Cameras to Keep an Eye on Family Pets

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Dogs and Cats Caught on Camera

We all remember local news stories back in the day showing security camera footage of a suspected criminal at a bank or gas station. The cameras were expensive, they were the size of a mailbox, and their picture quality was grainy at best. The good news is, with advancements in camera technology, driven partly by the cell phone industry, and with advancements in internet speeds, security cameras are affordable, small, and have HD picture quality.  

Now, homeowners are putting cameras all over their house. Cameras are being incorporated into doorbells to keep an eye on packages delivered to front doors, they are being set up in houses to keep an eye on kids playing in the other room, and a large number of homeowners using cameras to keep an eye on pets. 

Keeping Pets on Their Best Behavior 

Is the family dog tearing up the couch? Is the cat terrorizing the dog? Security cameras to the rescue! 

All pet owners have been there. The weather is bad so you can’t take your dog for their usual walk. Or, you have been busy and haven’t given your cat the attention they crave. So, as payback, you come home from work or running errands to a house left in ruins. And it’s even worse if you have multiple pets and come home to a mess because you’re left wondering who is to blame. 

By simply plugging in a security camera and connecting it to your security app and home internet, you can get notifications about movement inside your home, so you’ll know about your pet destroying the furniture. Or, you can check in on a live feed from anywhere.  

If you’ve ever wanted to communicate with your pet, home security cameras offer two-way voice so you can do just that! You’ll be able to start your live camera feed, see your dog chewing on the living room pillows, and have the ability to tell your pup to stop through the security app and the speaker in the camera.  

Checking In On the Dog Walker or Friend/Neighbor Letting Your Dog Out

Cameras are a great tool for peace of mind while you are at work or on vacation. 

Another great benefit of using a security camera with your pets is checking in on the dog walker or the neighbor who comes over to let your dog out while you are away.

During long weekend trips when your furry friend can’t tag along, you’ll be able to guarantee that the dog walker has arrived on time to feed, walk, and take care of your animal thanks to the security app on your phone. If the app has the ability to control your home from anywhere, you also won’t have to worry about the dog walker forgetting to lock the front door when they leave for the day. Instead, you’ll have the power to arm your system remotely and confirm your dog walker is doing his or her job. 

Pets are more than just animals, they are family. Read more about how to set up your security system around your pets. If you are interested in taking your home’s security to the next level, build your own security system with Wi-Fi cameras included.  

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