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Dog Doors and Home Security – Are Dog Doors a Security Risk?

Few things are greater than coming home and seeing your dog’s tailing wagging and practically jumping with excitement. There’s a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend. And not only that, but they become part of your family.

However, it’s impossible to be with your playful companion 24/7. And if you leave them locked inside all day, they may become anxious or need to go to the bathroom. That is why many homeowners decide to add a dog door to give their dog more freedom. But are dog doors a security risk? Continue reading to learn more.

Dog Door Security Risk

Although a dog door adds a great deal of convenience for your pet and can even save their life during a fire, there are some security risks associated with them. Potential burglars can use dog doors as an easy access point into your home.

However, dog doors are generally small, and it is quite difficult for an adult to squeeze through, but not impossible. Intruders are more likely to peek their heads through the door to get a clear view inside.

Where the real intruder risk lies are attracting unwanted animals into your home. Dog doors can be an easy access point from the cold outside to the warm inside for outside predators. These animals can be aggressive and attack your pets or an unsuspecting family member. They can even carry diseases or fleas and infest your home.

Secure Dog Door Options

To minimize the chances of an outside intruder entering your home through a dog door, consider these secure dog door options:

Install a Dog Door on a Wall

If possible, avoid installing a dog door on your door. Instead, try to place it on your wall. The reason why you want to avoid your door is intruders can put their arms through the dog door and unlock the main door from outside.

Use a Dog Door Security Barrier

There are many types of dog door security barriers on the market. The most common design is an attachable barrier that you can slide over the entry point and lock in place. The only issue with a security barrier is somebody has to be home to lock and unlock it.

Use a Dog Door with Security Panel

For something a little more sophisticated, albeit more expensive, you can use a dog door with a security panel. These doors have motion sensors that open and close when your pet is nearby. There are even some models that you can remotely control from your smartphone or IoT device, so you can open/close and lock your dog door whenever, wherever you are.

Install a Smart Home Security System

The best way to protect your home and your loved ones is with a smart home security system. Use security cameras to cover your main points of entry, including your dog door. Likewise, you can use motion sensors that can alert you if anything is approaching the dog door.

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