Free Lifetime Security Monitoring If You Refer Your Friends!

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Free Lifetime Security Monitoring If You Refer Your Friends!

When you decide to make a purchase, especially one that may require a monthly commitment or a large dollar amount, who do you ask? If you’re like 77% of consumers, you ask your friends and family:

“Thinking of getting Disney Plus. Do you like it?”

“What do you think of your new truck? Are you happy with it?”

“Is the line at Popeye’s worth it for that new spicy chicken sandwich?”

Giving recommendations to friends and family members for everything from real estate agents to physicians, mattresses to makeup, grocery stores to restaurants is something we all do, because when we have a great experience, we want the people we care about to have a great experience too! (And when we have a bad one, we want the world to know about that, too.)

Isn’t it about time that you get rewarded for that? We think so, and with the implementation of our incredible referral program, we’ve made it a reality!

So, how does our referral program work? It’s simple:

Step One: Refer your family and friends to ADS Security

You don’t have to limit it to your friends and family members either! You can refer acquaintances, frenemies, cohorts, chili cookoff rivals, random people you run into at the dog park, friends of friends, family of friends, or people who follow your beer-tasting Instagram, too. Refer them however you’d like – through our customer portal (the easiest way), in person, phone, text, Twitter, Facebook, engraved invitations, carrier pigeons, or telepathy, and tell them to contact ADS for a free consultation. 

Step Two: You get $50 for every person who signs up for our security services using your referral code

That’s $50 for every person who becomes an ADS Security client and uses our services. No limits – if you get a million people to sign up, that’s $50 million dollars. If you get a billion people to sign up, that’s $50 billion dollars! And more people than live in the entire Southeastern United States, which means it’s unlikely. But still, just think of the possibilities!

Step Three: After your seventh referral, your security system monitoring is free for life!

If seven people you referred become ADS Security customers, you’ll get monitoring for life, with a few restrictions:

-Their accounts with ADS must remain in good standing.

-They have to stay in the ADS service area.

-If the number of qualified referrals drops below 7, you have 90 days to replace them with a new referral in order to keep your lifetime monitoring.

-Every year, they have to send you a card telling you that you are the most amazing human being they’ve ever met.

Okay, that last one isn’t true, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were?

Are you ready to recommend ADS?

The perks don’t end there, either. Visit our website to read more about our moving program and our loyalty program, and you’ll start to understand exactly how important every new client is to us. You’re more than just a customer – you’re part of the ADS family! 

To read the full list of the terms and conditions for our customer programs, click here

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