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ADS-Installed Video Surveillance System at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Dothan, AL Helps Nab Murder Suspect

The CCTV command center at Ridgecrest Baptist Church monitors 27 cameras throughout the campus of Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

A recent upgrade to the video surveillance system, installed by ADS Security, at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama paid off within weeks of installation when the cameras provided footage to help local police make an arrest in a murder case.

During the investigation, police noticed the church had a video surveillance system installed, and wanted to review footage from the cameras. Fortunately, there was enough information captured by the cameras to identify a suspect and lead to an arrest.

The police department was so impressed by the camera system that they are planning some tactical training on the campus of the church utilizing the new camera system, according to Matthew Johnson, Church Administrator.

“Ridgecrest Church is very pleased with the installation of the 27 cameras around our large campus, and the way the team at ADS bent over backwards to ensure this system was up and running,” he said. “The system has been so beneficial that we have had many of our own security volunteers request to put these cameras on the inside of the building so we can have complete video coverage of the entire campus. We have had other video systems, but so far this system is the best.”

The ADS team responsible for the design and installation of the system includes Curtis Todd, Sr. Engineer Technician who designed the system; Doug Parker and Mike McNally, Life Safety Consultants that presented and delivered the sale; Jon Devine, Operations Manager who managed the project from sale to final installation; and a major shout out to Dennis Currier, the technician who completed all programming and customer education on the functionality of the system.

“The Ridgecrest project is a great example of what we do beyond just providing security and basic needs,” said Eddie McVey, General Manager of the ADS Dothan Branch. “It was a great team effort from start to finish to provide world class service, as well as deliver a worthy product that brought more value than just a camera system.”

One other benefit of the system that Ridgecrest enjoys is the ability to review video recordings quickly using the mobile app. “The mobile app works so fast that finding incidents happens in very little time and effort. Great product and great service!” Johnson concluded.

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