Access Control: Why You Should Have It for Your Building

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The Benefits of Having Access Control in Your Building

Have you ever lost a key or purposefully made a copy of your key for a friend, family member, housekeeper, dog walker, or babysitter? Without thinking much about it, we use keys daily to unlock doors, start a car, or unlock mailboxes, but consider how many extra keys might be floating out there by others and how that increases a security incident to occur.

If you live in an apartment or anywhere with shared residential access, safety and security should be one of your top priorities, right behind the quality of the gym and pool, of course. When you come home, you should feel safe and a physical key is not the solution. Thanks to access control, you no longer have to worry about who is lurking in the hallways or if someone is in the building who shouldn’t be.

The benefits of living in a building with access control include:

1. Increased Safety

With access control, you don’t have to worry about being followed into your building by a stranger. Only the residents of the building and their visitors/ guests are granted access. There is a sense of security when the doors close behind you, and that is priceless.

2. No Key Copying

There is no reason to worry about losing a key fob or an access card. Lost key fob or access card can easily be canceled, and the leasing office or homeowner’s association can generate a new one (which also ensures that if someone was to find your old card, it won’t be valid). You won’t have to go through the hassle of making a copy of your key for guests or home workers because a simple key code can be entered at the door and will dial the resident to grant you access to the building.

3. Restriction to Certain Areas

Say goodbye to your neighbor’s ex-boyfriend in the gym taking mirror selfies. With access control, all of the amenities in your building will require a digital key card to gain entry. This means visitors and other residents can only enter certain parts of the building that they are cleared to be in. Only if they are accompanied by someone who has specific building clearance, will they be allowed on restricted floors or heavily gated areas.

4. Recorded Entry History

When you use a key fob or access card to enter a building, there is a record of it. This holds residents accountable and helps keep the common areas in good shape. It also provides building management with relevant information if there is a problem.

When it comes to your safety and livelihood, living in a building that only allows certain people to enter makes for a safer community. When your lease is up or you are looking for your next home, be sure to keep in mind the perks of living in a building with access control. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the gym and pool! To learn more about access control and other ways to keep living spaces safe, click here.

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