5 Reasons Why Access Control Can Benefit Your Business

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5 Reasons Why Access Control Can Benefit Your Business

Access control solutions give you complete control over who is entering your business. You simply assign a unique key fob, PIN code, access card, or biometric indicator to employees based on their individual security clearances.  

You then have the ability to easily manage and monitor access throughout your property. Read on for five ways this can be beneficial to your business.  

1. Restrict Entry to Authorized Personnel 

Access control allows you to restrict entry to specific buildings or areas to only authorized personnel. Access credentials can be set at an individual or group level, and customized based on time of day or day of week.  

This guarantees that only those people who are supposed to be in a building or room at any given time are able to enter. Common use cases include, but are not limited to: stock or storage rooms, employee break rooms, management offices, warehouses, loading or unloading docks, and IT rooms.  

Clearance can also be granted temporarily, which is convenient when dealing with delivery personnel or other visitors who only need access to specific areas of your business for a limited amount of time.  

2. Allows Contactless Entry 

As businesses navigate new COVID-19 re-entry requirements, many are seeking ways to limit the spread of germs within their offices. While enhanced cleaning protocols and regularly washing our hands are obvious steps here, access control can also help support these efforts.  

With access control, businesses are able to limit the number of people touching shared surfaces like doorknobs and elevator buttons, which may host the virus.  

Access control can also be used to give temporary, remote access to delivery drivers versus having an employee greet them, thus decreasing face-to-face exposure. 

3. Creates Historical Activity Logs 

Access control systems log all activity. This can provide your security team a lot of relevant information if is there a problem. For example, if merchandise is stolen from a stock room, a business could pull its access control records to see what employees accessed that area during the time period in question.  

These logs have other benefits as well. They can be used to track employee attendance, including what time employees arrive or leave the office. They’re also extremely helpful for COVID-19 contact tracing, allowing you to easily see what other employees an infected individual may have come in contact with while at work.  

4. Eliminates the Need to Re-Key

Rekeying offices following personnel changes can be a costly and time-intensive process. Yet, no business wants the security risk of having a rogue, ex-employee being able to access its property post termination.  

Access control makes managing personnel changes easy. Key cards, key fobs and PINs can be cancelled or created at any time by your management team. As such, you can easily grant, revoke or change access permissions for any one individual, as needed, based on his or her current status with the company.  

By eliminating keys altogether, you also remove the security risk of employees copying and distributing keys to persons outside your organization.  

5. Is Convenient for Employees

For companies that opt for biometric access control solutions, there is the added convenience for employees of not having to physically carry a key, card or fob, or remember a unique PIN number.  

With biometric solutions, a person’s physical attribute—such as a fingerprint, iris and retinal scan, facial recognition or voice recognition—is actually the “key.” Therefore, all the person needs to do is show up to gain access.  

Biometric solutions are also generally more secure, as they decrease employees’ abilities to share their unique access credentials with unauthorized persons.  

Are you looking to better manage access permissions across your staff? Customize a solution today and learn how access control can benefit your business.     

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