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Why Your Emergency Contact List is Important

When you sign-up a monitored security system, you are asked to provide a list of emergency contacts that operators should call if they cannot get in touch with you. These are the people that you allow to dispatch police or other emergency workers to your home or business if you are unavailable. Therefore, they are a very important part of the safety and security of your property.

A few of the issues monitoring center operators run into when calling emergency contacts are no answer, a disconnected number, and “no longer at this number”. The greatest obstacle for an operator, when talking to an emergency contact, is hearing the response,  “Sorry, I don’t know who that is” when the customer’s name is given. Please remember to let your monitoring center know if any changes to your emergency contact list need to be made.

A good rule of thumb for knowing whether changes need to be made to your list is to ask yourself, “If you were to take a road trip, would all of your emergency contacts be invited along for the ride?” Look around the car – did all of your contacts get an invitation? If not, then it is time to update your list.

If you don’t remember who is on your emergency contact list then please verify your list with the monitoring center. Finally, take some time to reach out to your contacts to remind them how important they are in case of an emergency and ask them to save your monitoring center’s phone number in their phone so they will know who is calling. For ADS customers, this number is 615.269.4832.

To update your emergency contact list with ADS, please call our Data Entry department at 615.695.6580.

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