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Backyard Security Tips

When people think of home security, they usually think of protecting the inside of their home. Many overlook the importance of backyard security. Our backyards hold a lot of valuable items. Sheds and garages contain lots of expensive tools, and patio furniture can be worth a pretty penny.

To make matters worse, your backyard is much easier to target than inside your home, making the opportunity for criminals more appealing. But a more secure backyard means a more secure home. Learn how to protect your property with these backyard security tips.

Lock Up Outside Items

You should protect the items left outside of your home just as much as the items left inside. Patio furniture is a prime target for criminals because they’re easy to grab and they don’t have to enter your home to take them, making it a far less risky steal.

You can use locking cables to remedy the issue by either tying your patio furniture together or wrapping the cables around a secure object, such as a pole or beam. Either way, locking cables make it much more difficult for criminals to steal outside furniture.

If you have a shed or garage or both, you want to make sure they’re locked every night. It’s also important to not leave tools and other outdoor equipment outside overnight. Some items, like lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, are valuable targets for criminals. Burglars can use other items, like hammers or wire cutters, to target other areas of your property and steal valuables.

Increase Outdoor Privacy

There are many benefits to having more privacy in your backyard, and one of them is security. By decreasing what people can see from the street or around the neighborhood, it is much harder for criminals to target items you have in your backyard and your home.

Fences are one of the most common items used for outdoor privacy. However, there are other benefits to them as well, such as keeping wild animals out of your yard and keeping young children and pets in the yard. Not to mention, there are tons of designs and materials you can use for your outdoor fence, giving you a lot of flexibility for customization.

Another option is using shrubbery or other types of foliage to increase privacy. Trees and hedges work great. More plant life can give your backyard a more natural feel and there are a plethora of options available. Although shrubs are generally cheaper than fences when installing, they require more maintenance and may become affected during the winter months if you live in a colder area.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

A good way to stop a burglar in their tracks is to shine a bright light on their face. Use motion-activated lights to brighten up your backyard if an outside person or animal makes it onto your property. Position the lights to cover your patio area or any outside doors.

You can also set smart lights and automated timers when you’re not home to make it look like someone is present inside your home. Coupled with an outdoor security camera or two, you can be confident knowing your backyard and home are covered around the clock.

A security system can go a long way to keeping your backyard and home secure. If you want to learn more, talk to experts at ADS Security today.

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