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What to Look for in Home Security Cameras

Are you considering adding a security camera or a few to your home? Well, in today’s market, there are seemingly endless options available and multiple factors to consider, which can quickly become an overwhelming task.

If you’re looking to invest in a home security camera but are unsure where to start, we’re here to help. As a homeowner, it is important to know what to look for in home security cameras and the benefits of having one. Here are a few factors you should consider before you make the purchase.

Smart Home Functionality

Smart home” may seem like a fancy buzzword these days, but it serves a purpose. Smart home technology adds a layer of convenience and even allows homeowners to save money. You can control common household items, such as appliances, lights, thermostats, and yes, security cameras, through a central point.

Most smart home products connect to an app, which you can control from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. By having smart home security cameras, you can quickly access live video feeds from anywhere and at any time and receive immediate alerts to your Internet device if an incident were to occur. However, like with every Internet device, there are online security risks you must proactively protect yourself against.

Additional Features

There are a few security cameras features you should always be on the lookout for when searching online. These features ensure maximum protection and functionality for your security camera:

– Motion-activated recordings

– High-resolution camera (at least 720p, 1080p or more is ideal)

– Timely smartphone alerts

– Night vision

– Resistant to inclement weather (for outside cameras)

Installation Service

Some consumers prefer the DIY route, regardless of the project, to save money. But security cameras are intricate systems that require precise installation to work properly. When browsing security cameras online, it is better to choose from brands that offer an installation service upon purchase.

Most big-name security brands have installation included with their products. However, some smaller-name, cheaper alternatives might wave the installation service completely. Always be sure to read the fine print before purchasing. Save yourself the headache and let the professionals handle the installation part.

Technical Support

Inevitably, you will run into an issue or two with your security camera over time, which is why you should partner with a security company that offers technical support. With a simple inquiry online or a call over the phone, they can address the issue you’re having and walk you through exactly what’s wrong with the camera. And if need be, they can send a technician over to service the camera.

With help from our team of experts at ADS Security, we will work with you so you’re not unsure what to look for in home security cameras. Our technicians will install the security products for you and we have around-the-clock technical support. If you would like to learn more, contact an ADS Security expert today!

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