What Makes a Security Company the Best?

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What Makes a Security Company the Best? Part 2: Customer Service

We all want to have the best. Especially when it comes to the safety and security of our homes and families. To get the best you need to know what to look for. We’ve already talked about how to narrow down your list looking at monitoring. Today, we’ll focus on how you can separate the best from the rest when it comes to customer service. Then, later this month we’ll have a post on how to find the best technology.

So, how can you tell from the outside if a company excels at customer service?

A Real Person on the Line:

Here is a quick test to compare security companies – call their customer service number. If you hit an automated phone tree, you know immediately that the company doesn’t put much of an emphasis on customer service. When the phone rings and a live person answers (if it’s 3 am, Christmas Day, or just a regular Tuesday afternoon) you know that company values answering you quickly and with an elite level of service. In an emergency, you won’t want to mess around with a phone menu or answering machine.

Technical Support:

The best companies will offer in-house technical support. Some system issues can be resolved immediately over the phone with a highly trained representative walking you through the troubleshooting. In those instances, there is no need to schedule a time for a technician to come to your home. With an in-house Technical Support Team, issues can usually be resolved in one phone call.

Service Times:

When you are trying to find the best security company, ask how quickly a company can send a technician out to make a repair. You want to choose a company that can provide same-day or next-day service. If they don’t, your home and family will be vulnerable for days or weeks while you sit and wait for a technician to show up. In modern times of quick food delivery and same-day/next-day online delivery, you should get the same from your security company.

Going the Extra Mile:

This one can be harder to define but when you get incredible service that goes above and beyond, you know it. It’s the attention to detail. It’s a technician remembering to take off his/her work boots or putting on boot covers when he/she comes inside. It can be a Customer Support Representative noticing an issue with billing on your account (which wasn’t even the reason you called in) and working to get that resolved quickly while they have you on the line. It can be the General Manager following up with you to see if you are happy with your new system.

Read customer reviews on Google and Facebook to see what real customers have to say about a particular company. It is impossible for any company to have a perfect rating but look for those stories of going above and beyond.

If You Want the Best, Follow These Steps:

  1. Pick 2-3 companies you are comparing. Call each one to see if you get a phone menu or a real person.
  2. Once you get a real person on the line to ask them if they have an in-house technical support team who can help you resolve issues over the phone, should you ever need them?
  3. Don’t forget to ask what the average service times are for the company to get a technician to you if needed. Remember time is of the essence when it comes to your security.
  4. Read online reviews to get a sense if real customers are satisfied and even blown away with the service they’ve received.

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