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Spring Bucket List Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to plan some fun activities for your family. The weather is great, the school year is winding down and outdoor activities ramp up.

Here is a spring bucket list to inspire you as you enjoy this season and prep for summer fun!

1. Plant a garden. A container garden is a great way to get started.

2. Fly a kite.

3. Go for a hike and look for signs of spring.

4. Go geocaching.

5. Visit your local zoo.

6. Tour a local farm and visit the baby animals.

7. Plan a picnic lunch.

8. Give your cars an old school car wash in your driveway and wash away the winter grime.

9. Head to your local park and feed the ducks.

10. Blow bubbles and consider making a homemade bubble solution.

11. Brush up on your tennis skills.

12. Attend an outdoor concert or festival.

13. Make sun tea.

14. Go to the farmers market and plan a meal based on your purchases.

15. Have a spring spa day and make homemade bath scrubs (and package some for Mother’s Day!)

15. Make a bird feeder.

16. Spend a day spring cleaning.

17. Have a cookout and shop for fresh, in-season produce to serve as sides.

18. Go fishing.

19. Clean out your pool bag and get new supplies for summer.

20. Plan your summer vacation, if you haven’t already done so!

21. Try a new restaurant in your community that features outdoor dining.

22. Go horseback riding.

23. Spend an afternoon creating sidewalk chalk masterpieces.

What activities are on your spring bucket list?

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