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Locked Yourself Out of Your Own Home? Here’s What You Can Do

There are approximately 16,000 home and car lock outs in the U.S. each day, according to a locksmith industry survey. Many people have experienced being locked out of their homes at one point or another, and although in most cases harmless, lock outs can be quite unnerving. 

If you find yourself locked out of your house, stay calm and follow these tips: 

Check for Unlocked Access Points

There are usually several access points around your house that can be entered, such as an open window, side door or other access point to gain entry into your home. If an access point cannot be found, avoid breaking a window, as the repair costs could be much greater than contacting a locksmith to assist you. 

Look for Spare Keys 

Many people hide spare house keys around their property or give them to trustworthy neighbors. If you’ve taken this precautionary measure, now is the time to retrieve that spare key. When hiding keys, be careful not to place them close to the front or back door, or in other common locations like doormats, grills, flowerpots and mailboxes. Check your hiding spot frequently to make sure your keys haven’t gone missing. 

Call a Locksmith 

With more than 35,000 locksmiths throughout the U.S., there is sure to be one near you. While this may be a more costly option, it’s the safest bet to get you back inside your house quickly, safely and with minimal damage to your locks. A quick Internet search should provide you with locksmiths in your area that can help you out…many of them even offer emergency service. 

Pick a Lock 

If you feel confident in your DIY skills, you may opt to pick your own lock. You’ll likely need a knife or credit card to jiggle your way in. But be aware this option could cause damage to your locks and may end up being more expensive than using a locksmith in the first place. 

Prevent Future Lockouts with Smart Door Locks 

To prevent future lockouts, consider installing smart locks. This home automation solution eliminates the need for a key and allows users to control their locks using a mobile device. This way, if you’re ever locked out of your home, you can use your phone to unlock your door…no more lost keys!  

Learn how ADS Security can help you find a home security solution that helps prevent lock outs. Contact us today. 

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