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How to Lock a Barn Door for Your Home

Sliding barn doors have become a popular addition to many homes. It can give homeowners a rustic feel to their living space. Not to mention, they are versatile too. Homeowners can partition them in creative ways to open up living space or add more privacy wherever needed.

However, a common misbelief is barn doors lack security because they don’t have locks. In actuality, there are multiple types of locks you can use to secure your barn doors. Learn how to lock a barn door and decide which lock works best for your needs.

Hook and Eye Lock

The hook and eye latch lock is perhaps the most common and easiest security solution for sliding barn doors. You can use the mechanism to lock a barn door from the inside, outside, or lock two doors together. They are great for privacy areas, such as bathrooms, because you can lock them from the inside. You can also use them for a pantry door, a den, or sectioning off a dining room area, living room, etc.

The design for a hook and eye lock is simple, and installation is a breeze. There are just two parts: the “hook” and the “eye.” As you can probably guess, the hook contains the latch, and the eye holds it in place. Each piece only requires a few screws. You want to space your hook and latch accordingly to ensure they can connect whenever you close the door. After you finalize your measurements and screw it in place, you’re good to go!

Barrel Slide Bolt

A barrel slide bolt is a great option if you’re looking for a lock you can secure with a key. However, there are also keyless options available if you just want a standard sliding bolt lock. It’s entirely up to your preference/need. However, just know that a sliding bolt with a key is much more ideal for security purposes.

For the best application, we recommend having a door frame to secure the sliding bolt. Latching two doors together isn’t the best move for this type of lock. Like the hook and eye lock, you want to space the sliding bolt and the latch accordingly. The latch should catch the bolt whenever you close the barn door. Installation is also simple. All you have to do is screw it in place, and you should bet set.

Teardrop Lock

A teardrop lock is another option more suited for privacy and less suited for security, making them great for bedroom doors, bathroom doors, etc. Although the lock itself may look complicated, the mechanics are rather simple. There are two parts: one that attaches to the door and another that attaches to the door jamb.

Like the previous options, you want to line the two parts up and screw them into place Once you shut the door, push the teardrop part into the latch that’s attached to the barn door. It should hold your barn door snuggly. And to unlock the door, all you have to do is pull the teardrop part back.

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