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Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween among us, trick-or-treaters are ready for a night of haunted houses, adventure, and, above all, candy. However, it is important to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe during the holiday festivities.

On average, there’s a 17% increase in crime claims on Halloween. Here are five Halloween safety tips to help you have peace of mind during the holiday.

1. Keep Your House Lit

A common belief on Halloween is to not approach an unlit home. However, if you keep your house in the dark, that could signal to suspicious trick-or-treaters that a home is vacant. Regardless if you plan to be at home or away for Halloween, always keep your home well-lit.

Consider using timers that give off the illusion that someone is present or motion sensors that trigger lights whenever someone steps on your property. The better the lighting, the less likely someone will risk being exposed to so many others around on the streets.

2. Give Candy Outside Your Home

If you plan to give out candy on Halloween, there’s no denying it’s more comfortable doing so from inside your home. However, every time you open your door, you’re allowing strangers a clear view inside. Although it may seem like a few seconds, that’s plenty of time for people to peek inside and spot any valuables out in the open.

That’s why we recommend grabbing a lawn chair and sitting outside your front door. There are two reasons why this is a better method. For one, you don’t have constant strangers looking inside your home. And secondly, you have a clear few of everyone stepping onto your lawn and can ensure nobody lingers around. Just remember to keep yourself warm while outside.

3. Secure All Entry Points

Burglars know that if you’re in your front yard handing out candy, your backyard is exposed. Likewise, if they see you leave your house to go trick-or-treating, they’ll know your house is vacant.

It’s essential to lock down all your main entry points, regardless if you’re staying inside, handing out candy, or going trick-or-treating. These include your front and back door, garage door, windows, and any other entry space you may have. Smart locks are a great way to lock everything quickly and to ensure you didn’t miss any entry point.

4. Follow Trick-or-Treating Safety

If you plan on trick-or-treating with your family, you want to be as safe as possible. The CDC recommends following COVID-19 guidelines this Halloween, which include social distancing, wearing a face mask, and washing/sanitizing your hands frequently.

A few good Halloween safety tips include mapping out your trick-or-treating trail in advance and to stay in familiar neighborhoods and well-lit areas. You also want to be visible to drivers. Never walk in the middle of the road. Instead, be on the side of the road walking towards oncoming traffic.

As for candy, you’ve probably heard the horror stories of razor blades or poison found in Halloween candy. Although those instances are incredibly rare, you should never accept homemade candy from strangers. Likewise, you want to ensure you and your children thoroughly examine each piece of candy before eating it and to take note of any food allergies beforehand.

5. Set Up a Security System

Home security systems are the best way to keep your home and family safe on Halloween and throughout the year. Just one or two security cameras can go a long way with protecting your home. But there are tons more security options to choose from.

It’s certainly worth taking extra safety precautions on Halloween to ensure a safe and fun night. At ADS Security, we are home and business security experts. If you would like to learn more about protecting your home, contact us today.  

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