9 Ways a Security System Makes Your Home Safer During the Holidays

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9 Ways a Security System Makes Your Home Safer During the Holidays

The holidays are a time to be celebrated, watch Home Alone in your pajamas, and bake grandma’s handed-down-for-generations recipes.

They are not a time to be dealing with a home catastrophe.

To help you keep the “happy,” in Happy Holidays, we give you nine ways that your home security system can keep you and your loved ones safe this season.

1. Protects Packages Delivered to Your Home

In 2019, the U.S. Postal Service delivered hundreds of millions packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. And with many still leery about in-person shopping due to COVID-19, delivery companies are expecting a record-high season in 2020.  

An increase in package deliveries, however, also could lead to an increase in porch pirates—robbers who steal packages right off your doorstep.  

One of the best ways to combat these thieves is to install a doorbell camera that allows you to monitor your packages. Doorbell cameras often deter porch pirates from targeting your home altogether, merely because they don’t want to get caught.  

If they do make an attempt at your packages, your doorbell camera can help you catch them in the act or gather evidence of the theft:  

-Receive motion-based alerts right to your phone anytime someone approaches your front porch.

-Communicate directly with people on your porch using a two-way intercom built into your doorbell camera.

-Capture footage of any criminal activity that occurs to use as evidence when filing a police report or contacting the seller/retailer.

2. Monitors Your Home While You Travel

he holidays are frequently one of the most travelled times of the year, with many visiting family and friends, or jetting off on a luxury vacation. While travel may look a little different this year, not all travel plans have been cancelled, especially to locations accessible via car. If you’re still planning on heading out of town—even if for just a long weekend—your home security system can ensure your home is secure in your absence.  

With a monitored system, you can rest assured that 911 will be contacted in the event of an emergency, and with mobile capabilities, you can check in on your home’s video feeds right from your phone.  

3. Helps Avoid Frozen Pipes 

When outside temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you run the risk of frozen pipes. Temperature sensors built into your home security system can alert you if your pipes are at risk of freezing, hopefully preventing it.  

If a pipe bursts, water sensors can notify you in real-time, allowing you to act fast and mitigate damage.   

4. Keeps You Safe in the Kitchen

So many of our holiday traditions tie back to the kitchen—whether it is the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas cookies, latkes, etc.  

However, cooking is also a leading cause of home fires, so it’s important to also consider fire safety when cooking your favorite festive treats. A monitored smoke detector in your kitchen helps expedite local firefighter response times in the event of a fire.  

5. Protects You From Holiday-Related Fire Hazards

Beyond cooking incidents, cooler weather and the holidays present all sorts of fire risks that other times of the year do not, such as: 

-Christmas trees 


-Menorahs and other candles 

-Holiday lights 

-Space heaters 

Strategically placed smoke detectors around your house can ensure that if the worst happens, you’re notified and action is taken quickly to extinguish the flames. 

6. Protects Your Package Returns 

In the same way that a doorbell camera can protect holiday deliveries, it can also protect package returns. There’s been an increase in shipping returns, similar to deliveries, thanks to the influx of online shopping.  

When making a return from home, don’t just slap a return label on, and place your item on the front step. Monitor your package with your doorbell camera until it’s safely in the truck.   

7. Ensures You Don’t Get Locked Out 

The last thing anyone wants is to get locked out the house when it’s cold or snowy outside. Smart locks that can be opened via a unique PIN or remotely via a mobile app on your phone guarantee that you’re always able to get inside. No more worrying about losing your key on the neighborhood sled-riding hill!  

Smart locks are also helpful for unexpected guests or family members. Did someone arrive before you’re home? No problem. Remotely unlock your door so that they can wait for you in the warm house versus their cold car.  

8. Keeps Utility Costs Down

If your home security system is paired with a smart thermostat, then there’s a good chance you can reap savings on heating costs this winter. The thermostat will allow you to pre-program schedules or zones within your home, so that you’re only heating rooms when needed.  

For example, if you’re going out of town for a holiday retreat, your thermostat can recognize that nobody is home and lower your heat accordingly, then increase a few hours before you’re set to arrive back home.  

9. Prevents Home Break-Ins

The holidays often mean expensive new purchases, electronics and toys, which can be like a candy store to a burglar. While it’s a best practice to keep these items out of sight from your windows and to conceal packaging when tossing it in the trash, the most surefire way to protect yourself from a home break-in is a monitored alarm system.  

If suspicious activity is detected, this system will emit an audible alarm, and send an alert to both you and your monitoring center.  

Let’s keep the holidays joyful this year! Contact us today to learn more about how security equipment can help keep your family protected.  

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