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5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for the Whole Family

Once the trimmings and tidings of the holiday season are over, the hush of winter reflection permeates. As you set personal goals for the new calendar year, consider making some resolutions with your family and set some shared goals, whether it’s to get to know your city better or be more healthy.

These five ideas for New Year’s resolutions will get your family collaborating on a common mission and perhaps feeling a little closer.

1. Resolve to Give Back to Your Community.

Sit down with your family to identify opportunities in your community for volunteering and map out a plan for the year. Choose a different charity or organization to support for each month and schedule a simple activity. This is also a great way to familiarize you and your family with the many nonprofits in your local community. There’s no need to make it a complex process. It can be as simple as participating in a local walk-a-thon in the spring or a school supply drive in the summer.

2. Resolve to Get Healthy Together.

Make a collective family goal to strive toward a healthier lifestyle in 2017, whether through exercise or dietary changes. This could mean everything from embracing a “Meatless Monday” menu for dinners or joining the local YMCA. Decide on a wellness plan and encourage each other! With older teens, challenging one another through a FitBit is a fun way to get competitive and all for a healthier cause.

3. Resolve to Unplug.

Are you logging way too much screen time? Resolve to have at least one evening a night to unplug together as a family and play a board game, go bowling or work on a household project together. Put your phones in “phone jail” and reconnect as a family.

4. Resolve to Get to Know Your City.

Play tourist in your own city this year. If you’re like me, you may get stuck in a rut and frequent the same restaurants and other establishments. Sit down with your family and make a bucket list of “must do” items for exploring your own city. Compile a list of local restaurants and attractions you’d like to discover together.

5. Resolve to Learn Together.

Decide as a family to learn a new skill in 2017 or educate yourselves on a new city or culture. Check out your local library for classes on everything from cooking to mastering a new language. Many community centers offer classes on a wide range of topics. Planning a big family vacation in 2017? Research that city or country and learn more about the culture together, from popular dishes to landmarks and history.

What resolutions will you make for 2017 as a family?

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