ADS: Improving Emergency Response Times in Brentwood, Tennessee

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ADS Security Partners with City of Brentwood to Improve Emergency Response

Brentwood is the second community in Tennessee to go live with ASAP to PSAP.

ADS Security is thrilled to announce the introduction of ASAP to PSAP in Brentwood, Tenn. ADS worked closely with the City of Brentwood and the Brentwood Emergency Communications Center to make this technology available in their area. ASAP to PSAP will cut down on 911 processing time by 2-3 minutes for all residents of the City of Brentwood.“ADS Security is delighted that the City of Brentwood Emergency Communications Center has allowed us to partner with them to introduce this state-of-the-art technology,” said Steve Crist, ADS Director of Monitoring Operations. “Reducing alarm response times is at the heart of what we all do.”

Now in Brentwood, alarm companies like ADS Security will be able to electronically send information like addresses, names, and alarm information directly to 911 operators. The information appears in an “instant messaging” box for the 911 operators to quickly review. They then are able to provide real-time dispatching information back to the alarm company, to then relay to the customers.

The three main benefits of ASAP to PSAP are:

1.    The electronic transmission of data virtually eliminates mistakes and miscommunications with humans talking over the phone.

2.    The elimination of a phone line from the transmission process can cut down 911 processing time by 2-3 minutes. This can save lives, help authorities more quickly extinguish fires, and help apprehend criminals.

3.    This program reduces call volume into emergency communication centers. This can save municipalities money and resources that can be better allocated elsewhere to serve the community.

The City of Brentwood is only the second community to go live with ASAP to PSAP in Tennessee, following Chattanooga /Hamilton County who went online with this program in November 2017. ADS plans to continue to work with communities across the Southeast to roll this program out in all of the areas they service.


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