"Home Fire Protection, Carbon Monoxide & Water Leak Monitoring"

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Home Fire Safety

When every second counts, we can prevent problems from becoming disasters. ADS Security provides protection for your home in case of a fire, water leak or power outage. You’re always secure, even in unexpected situations.


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Don’t Wait For the Chirp: Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You never think about the most important devices in your home – until they chirp. With professionally monitored smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, ADS will quickly notify you and the fire department when an incident is detected.

  • Two-in-one fire and carbon monoxide detector.
  • Instant alerts when triggered.
  • Monitored 24/7.
Protect Your Pets

Do it for your pet.

Stop leaks before they happen.

Experience a burst pipe in the winter? Did the bathtub overflow? With monitored water sensors, you won’t have to deal with costly water damage.

  • Turn off your water valve with our smart security app when a leak is detected.
  • Reduce water consumption by eliminating small water wasters.

Save Money on Utilities with Home Automation

With total control from the ADS app, turn your house into a smart home and say goodbye to overspending on utility bills and hello to better efficiency and savings.

  • Keep heating and cooling costs to a minimum by adjusting the thermostat when no one is home. 
  • Set your lights to turn on and off when you leave the house. 
  • Open and close your curtains and keep that summer sun from heating up your house.

“While on vacation, my phone rang at 2 a.m.”

“It was ADS on the line, telling me that my fire alarm was going off and asked if I wanted to dispatch the fire department.” Todd Austin, Nashville, Tennessee

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