Automate Your Security System While Working From Home

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Automate Your Security System While Working From Home

More time spent at home and social distancing may mean wearing pajamas during conference calls and strange meal times, but it doesn’t mean your security system gets a break. As you’re working through your quarantine home improvement list, consider evaluating your home security system (or lack thereof).

With smart, connected security products, your home security system not only ensures your home is protected, but also gives you control over your home with the press of a button. It’s like your personal home command center in the palm of your hand. Read our four tips to make your security system work for you when you’re at home.


New deliveries? No problem.

As you rely more and more on delivery for your groceries, your favorite restaurant’s food and necessities like toilet paper, a video doorbell with two-way voice lets you keep an eye on your front porch, get alerts when someone is at your door and thank your delivery person without ever leaving your house. It’s the perfect social distancing tool. You can also control your alerts directly from your app and even turn off your doorbell chime if you have kids or pets napping or are on a conference call. An added bonus – with a monitored security system, you also have a team of professionals on standby to monitor suspicious activity and alerts.


Easy temperature control

Say goodbye to freezing or sweating during videoconferences. With a connected thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your home in real time directly from your ADS Aniware app. You can also put your thermostat on a schedule to automatically change the temperature to match your new schedule.


Keep an eye on the outside world

More time at home means less time in your vehicle. If your trusty ride is spending more time in your driveway, keep an eye on it throughout the day and night with our outdoor cameras and mobile app camera feed. You can also use the Aniware app to watch kids or pets playing in the yard or driveway while you’re working, get alerts when vehicles pull into your camera view, and go back to watching previous footage. With ADS, you also have the peace of mind of professional monitoring to ensure your home is protected at all times.


Lights on, lights off

Set your lights on an automated schedule to set the tone throughout your day or to automatically turn off when you leave your home to get take-out or for a grocery store run. With the Aniware app, you can also control individual lights throughout your home in real time. Not only does automation of your lights give you full control from your home office, it can also help with energy efficiency in your home. To take it up a notch, invest in a keyless entry so you don’t have to bring your keys with you when you go on a walk or out to get some fresh air.


A connected security system can help make your life at home a little bit easier while also protecting your home and the people in it. Now is a great time to upgrade your security system to include the products you’ve had your eye on or to begin building your custom security system with ADS Security.


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