Theft Protection: What Makes an Easy Target for a Car Burglary?

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This Is Why You’re an Easy Target for a Car Break-In

Your car is usually one of the more expensive purchases you will make. Since you make such a large investment in your vehicle, you should want to keep it (and the items stored inside) safe from burglary.

What is the #1 easiest way to prevent having your car stolen? Don’t leave your keys in the car; even if just for a minute or two. Below are the reasons why your car is likely to get broken into.

1. Your Car Isn’t in a Garage or Secure Lot

It may cost you a few extra bucks to park in a secure lot, but trust me – the peace of mind is worth it. Even better, parking garages typically have an attendant on patrol and/or security cameras.

2. You’re Not Careful With Your Keys

If you have a garage – use it. Make sure to close the garage door and take your keys inside with you. In my 36 years as a law enforcement officer, I’ve never seen a police report of a vehicle burglary when the car was in a closed garage and the keys were inside the home.

3. Your Valuables Are Visible

If possible, don’t take a chance and leave anything of value inside your car. GPS units, sunglasses, purses, empty shopping bags, phones, laptops, and wallets can all be easily stolen if left out in plain sight inside your vehicle.

4. You Leave the Door Unlocked

Your car has locks factory-installed for a reason. Simply remembering to lock your doors makes you much less of an “easy target.”

One last quick tip for ladies…

If you are planning to store your purse in the trunk of your car, please put your purse in the trunk before you leave home. If you wait until you reach your destination, a potential burglar may see you raising the trunk and placing the purse in the trunk of your car. A good pry bar will easily open the trunk of most vehicles or at least allow tampering with the lock system.

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