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3 Ways to Increase Hotel Room Safety

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room that was less than ideal? Sure, they are tons of dream hotel rooms with picturesque views, king-sized beds, satin sheets, and fancy bathrooms. But there are also tons of hotels you need to stay at out of necessity, which is why hotel roof safety should be a top priority.

When staying at a hotel, the truth is you never really know the strength of the hotel door or deadbolt or who else might have an access key. Fortunately, there are inexpensive ways to increase your hotel room safety. When traveling, consider these three hotel room safety devices:

Door Wedge

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to increase your hotel security is a door wedge. They barely take up any storage space and are incredibly easy to use. All you have to door is slide it underneath the hotel door and jam it into place with your foot.

Door wedges work best on smooth, flat surfaces, such as tile, wood, stone, etc. However, some wedges come with Velcro strips you can use on carpets. There are even some wedges that come with alarms too, which alert you whenever moved.

Travel Door Alarm

A travel door alarm is an easy-to-use alarm you can take with you anywhere. There are many different models you can buy. Most models require placing the alarm in between the door and doorframe then looping a cord around the door handle. It should only take a few minutes to set the alarm.

When triggered, it emits a loud, high-pitched alarm. Although it doesn’t prevent someone from breaking in, the alarm immediately alerts you and should scare the intruder away. These alarms are a simple yet effective solution that will work for virtually any door.

Portable Hotel Door Lock

Another reliable security option is a portable hotel door lock. Like wedges, they prevent the door from opening inward during an intrusion. These locks come in several different shapes and models.

Some locks attach to the bottom of the door, like the wedge. Others attach in between the door and doorframe like the travel alarm. If someone tries to force open the door, the force pushes the lock and tightens it into place. For portable locks on the bottom of the door, they are more effective on hard surfaces.

When staying at home or abroad, security should always be a top priority. Contact ADS Security to learn the best ways to maximize your security.

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