Visual Verification with ADS Security

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Always Be Protected

ADS Security is excited to announce Visual Verification at no charge to all new customers.

Visual Verification adds another layer of protection for your property by allowing our trained monitoring center professionals to analyze video when an alarm is triggered.


How Does It Work?

When the alarm on your property is triggered, our central station operators are granted the ability to view live and recorded video to view and assess the situation.  And if the help is needed, police are notified.

When the alarm signal is passed directly into the monitoring station software, it includes a link to the Visual Verification interface that can be accessed with one click – meaning that the right call can be made faster and easier.

Intelligence Matters

To ensure the central station professionals can quickly analyze and assess the situation on your property, your cameras will be able to recognize the difference between people, animals and inanimate objects and prioritize accordingly to ensure the most likely threat is examined first.

What Smart Home Devices use Visual Verification?

To ensure maximum security on your property, every compatible camera we install will use Visual Verification, unless you opt out on any individual device. This way you know your property is protected in a way that makes sense for you and those in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I control Visual Verification access on my cameras?
Customers can select which of their video and imaging devices monitoring station operators have access to during alarm events. Devices excluded from Visual Verification can never be accessed by monitoring station operators, providing you with privacy control while using this feature.

+ What is People Detection (Video Analytics)? 
With People Detection, people detected in video clips captured 15 minutes before and after an alarm are identified with bounding boxes in thumbnails displayed in the operator interface.
+ What does the visual verification interface look like for Monitoring Station operators? 
The Visual Verification interface for monitoring station operators includes popular features from the customer video pages such as 4×4 layout and larger displays for live streaming. An improved viewing experience makes it easier for operators to monitor activity, assess risk, and keep you and your property secure.


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