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When you work with the Department of Defense (DoD), the security of your Closed Room or a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is critical. Standard commercial-level security just isn’t enough.

What is UL 2050

In a collaboration between Underwriter’s Laboratory and U.S. federal security agencies, UL 2050 was developed to define the security required for defense contractors that hold sensitive material. UL 2050 is the standard for National Industrial Security Systems. These systems are designed and installed according to UL 681 and ICD 705 standards and monitored in an UL2050 independently certified central station, where experienced personnel monitor signals related to:

+ Openings
+ Closings
+ Alarm/Trouble Signals

Due to our commitment to national industrial security compliance and safety standards, we have earned UL 2050 Certification. You need a UL 2050 intrusion system from a respected security integrator with experience protecting valuables in government facilities. It’s best to have one local and can respond your facility within 15 minutes.


Why We Are Different

Our security panel features 256-Bit encryption that integrates with high security balanced magnetic door sensors, dual and triple motion detectors, and keypads. Our cameras provide insight and intelligence to what’s happening outside while keeping what’s inside the room confidential with no lines of sight into the room.


What You Get with ADS

We are a local UL 2050 certified security provider, so our office is only a short drive away. When a plan is approved, we stick to it. We are on your site to do a job and not ask questions. And our operations are transparent, so you’ll always know what we are bringing in and taking out. You’ll also receive:

+ Premium Maintenance The performance of your security system matters. Keep it operating as needed with a four-hour premium maintenance response.

+ UL Central Station Monitoring 24/7 monitoring from an independently certified central station staffed with personnel trained to handle signals or monitor alarms.

+ Security System 256-bit encrypted panel with high security balanced magnetic door sensors, dual and triple motion detectors, and keypads and cameras that provide insight and intelligence.

+ Open/Close Supervision Monitor open and close activity, and alert the right people if procedures and protocols aren’t followed.

+ Runner Service We partner with a local runner service to ensure that, if needed, someone is on site within the 15-minute timeframe required by UL 2050.


Your Security is Our Top Priority

The security of your Closed Rooms and SCIFs is our top priority. You can be confident knowing our team is fully prepared for the project when we go in. We stand ready at a moment’s notice to help you meet your security obligations to the DoD.  Schedule a no-obligation consultation for a customized UL 2050 certified security system with an ADS Security expert.




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