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Supply Chain Security

Different industries have different needs…in all aspects of business. This is especially true in matters of security. The security requirements of a retail business, for example, are very different from those of healthcare. Even within each industry, the needs of each particular business are unique.

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The ADS Security Difference

Our experience is second-to-none. We are here to help our customers every step of the way. This includes the proposal process, implementation, and continued monitoring. Our national reach allows us to service multiple supply chain locations throughout the county and our local service allows us to support local warehouses quickly.

Learn more about how our experts can customize one-source security solutions that work for your business and budget today.

Our Security and Operational Solutions

Easily control and automate your system with our app, and let us handle the rest.


Access Control

If you have warehouses with restricted areas, we provide access control solutions that limit employee access to certain areas and require specific credentials to enter. Likewise, with our reporting interface, you can track which areas have been accessed and who accessed them.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance allows you to monitor all aspects of your warehouses to better protect your employees and inventory. You can also access live video footage from anywhere and at any time from a smartphone or other IoT device.

Environmental Monitoring

Our environmental monitoring solutions ensure you keep temperature-sensitive items within the optimal temperature range. And you’ll get immediate alerts if the temperature falls out of that range, preventing inventory damage.

Monitored Intrusion & Fire Alarms

Your facilities receive 24/7/365 professional monitoring for all break-in and fire emergencies. Our highly experienced operators are always there to dispatch an emergency response to your site, regardless of whether your business is opened or closed.

Your Trusted Security Partner for Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions
The supply chain is a complex ecosystem with many moving parts and variables to consider: tight deadlines, labor allocation, and proper storage, to name a few.
Security is an integral part of the supply chain. That is why it is essential for businesses to partner with a trusted security provider. ADS Security, and its parent company Vector Security, have over 30 years of experience providing security solutions that help secure your products, protect your people, and guard your data.


Facility & Product Security
From the perimeter of your property to the top of your shelves, we help keep your warehouses secure from external physical threats as we keep your product secure from damage and internal theft.

Safer Work Environment
Whether working alone, operating heavy equipment, or navigating an increasing presence of automation and moving robotics, we help keep your people and visitors safe, 24/7/365.


Data-Driven Operations
From detecting unusual activity in the parking lot to monitoring staff movement during work to intelligently managing energy use, our solutions provide reliable insights that help streamline your operations, track and report ROI, and move your business forward.


Your Single Source
Connecting physical security technologies and managed network services, we are your one source to protect products, people, and data to ensure your facilities never experience downtime.

Supply Chain Facilities We Service

Warehouses and Storage Facilities – With our security solutions, we can help protect your goods from damage or theft, all the while keeping your employees safe.

Refrigerated Warehouses – We understand that many goods, such as pharmaceuticals and food items, are temperature sensitive. ADS Security can provide temperature-sensitive products with environmental monitoring that alerts you when temperature changes occur that could adversely impact your inventory.

Distribution and Fulfillment Centers – For distribution and fulfillment centers, time is of the essence. Tight deadlines mean supply chain providers must ship goods quickly and to the correct location. However, faster shipment speeds could lead to more accidents and security breaches. You don’t have to sacrifice employee and network safety to maintain shipment quotas. Our security solutions can protect all assets involved in the process.

Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) – As an essential part of the supply chain process, we can provide one-source physical and managed network security solutions to 3PLs to optimize inventory management, warehousing space, order fulfillment, and more.

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