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The Beck Family – Knowing Things Are Secure

Gary and Kimberly live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and have been customers of ADS Security for over 15 years. They originally had their home security system installed at a time when the neighborhood was going through a transitional period and it wasn’t the safest.  

In this timeframe, there was an incident where two guys came to their home with a ladder and climbed across the fence to try to break into the home. Thankfully, they had a security system that was able to be triggered by a panic alarm and the police came to the property in a matter of minutes and caught the suspects.  

The Beck family enjoys being a customer of ADS because of their customer service. When Kimberly had a hip replacement, the ADS team called and sent a card to make sure she was doing well after her surgery. They’ve never had any issues with service technicians and always find their local branch location to be extremely pleasant to work with.   

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