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Goodwill –
Preventing Internal Theft

For 10 years, Goodwill has partnered with ADS Security to help prevent theft and keep customers safe in the store. Internal theft is the biggest issue Goodwill faces. They use their security system to research any accidents in the store and have the camera system tied in with a new sale being rung up in order to detect theft quicker than before.  

“ADS Security has helped us identify problems around our stores, protect our customers in our parking lots, and has helped us with coaching employees on productivity and customer interaction.”

If an employee is no longer employed with the company, the loss prevention manager can make quick changes to the security system and resolve any issues with the ADS monitoring center team.  

“ADS Security’s surveillance system has helped us coach our employees on reducing distractions, improving customer service, and has helped us identify and reduce the amount of counterfeit bills used at our registers. The quality of ADS’ service is amazing. I couldn’t imagine doing business with anyone else. I really like doing business with a local company.”

Kim Kelley, Goodwill

Savannah, GA

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