ADS Real Security Stories - Foodshop BP - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Foodshop BP –
Getting Crime Alerts Instantly

In this video, our ADS Monitoring Center operators were able to utilize a new technology called Video Verification to confirm that the alarm event was in fact a burglary. Video Verification enables our operators to view video clips in real-time to establish if an alarm is a real emergency or a false alarm. In this instance, Dan (our Monitoring Center Manager), can see two figures breaking the front glass and going towards the register at the Foodshop BP in Myrtle Beach.

Once 911 dispatches, they are able to tell their officers that based on the video, the suspects appear to have fled the scene. Foodstop BP managers later showed their employees this footage and the employees recognized the suspects in the video as two men who had previously been loitering around that location and other BP locations. The police were then able to make an arrest of the suspects near another BP location.

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