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Dothan City Schools

Located in Dothan, Alabama, Dothan City Schools consists of 30 separate locations where over 8,900 students attend. When looking at security options, Dothan City Schools’ main objective for each location was overall school safety for its students, faculty and staff.

Why did Dothan City Schools choose to work with ADS Security?

In 2018, the nationwide concern for school safety increased Alabama state funding for school security measures. Prior to this funding, only half of the DCS schools had monitored fire systems in place. As a result, Dothan City Schools called ADS Security to expand security measures across its entire school system.

What services did Dothan City Schools implement in all its locations? 

Schools can be challenging commercial facilities to protect due to the number of complicated fire codes, number of building doors, high foot traffic and strict budget limitations. Of the 30 schools, each location had ADS Security install a state-of-the-art HD security camera surveillance system. Cameras were also added in each classroom with a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, with the purpose of monitoring and protecting the faculty and students. For additional protection, ADS installed remote door-locking systems to 80 doors across 20 buildings that restrict student access in certain areas and allow only faculty.

How did ADS Security help simplify DCS’ security needs? 

Prior to working with ADS Security, Dothan City Schools had multiple vendors handling burglary protection, fire coverage, access control, intercom support and CCTV surveillance systems. ADS Security was able to manage all services for all locations and save Dothan City Schools time and money in the process.

What was it like to work with ADS Security?

Dothan City Schools appreciates the local customer service they receive from ADS Security. DCS now has a long-standing partnership with ADS Security that has quickly grown in locations and services. The school administration likes managing its security needs through one company and loves that the local Dothan team at ADS Security quickly responds to problems and questions.

As the state of Alabama promotes safer school facilities and invests in resources, Dothan City Schools and ADS Security continue to design and install the latest technology to provide safer learning environments for Alabama students.

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