ADS Customer in Birmingham, Alabama: Family Experiences a House Fire

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Kyle and Kelsey Experience A Home Fire

It was a typical Saturday night in Birmingham, Alabama, for Kyle and his family. Everyone was at home relaxing. Kyle was sitting at his desk working on the computer, while his wife was in the back part of the house and his youngest daughter was asleep in her crib.  

Around 8:00 pm, Kyle heard a loud boom. He assumed it was probably coming from someone outside and didn’t really think much about it. A minute later, he got up from his desk to get a glass of water and noticed there was smoke billowing out from under the doors of his den. There was so much smoke that it was starting to fill up the living room. He immediately alerted his wife, Kelsey, and they quickly ran out of the house with their daughters.  

As Kelsey went to dial 911, the couple received a phone call from ADS Security. ADS Security had already alerted the fire department of the house fire and they were already on their way.  

“We got a call from ADS Security just as we were running out of the house. Right as my wife was calling the fire department, ADS alerted the authorities and made sure we were okay,” Kyle said.  

The Cause of the Fire 

Kyle and Kelsey’s home was built in the mid-1950s. With the age of the house and the age of the electrical wiring, the fire department determined that an electrical spark occurred in their basement from an old wire, and it started the fire.  

“The wiring in the basement started sparking and came into contact with  the patio furniture we had stored down there, and that furniture was highly flammable. Those sparks on the plastic furniture started the fire. All of our small power equipment was also stored in our basement and those items helped speed up the rate of the flames,” Kyle stated after the fire.  

Where They Are Today 

Unfortunately, the fire damage in the home caused a total loss. Most of the damage was downstairs, closer to the basement. The upstairs part of the home experienced smoke and soot damage. Kyle’s family currently resides in a rental property while the home gets repaired.  

“The team at ADS Security did exactly what I pay for each month, protect me and my family! Y’all are awesome and were nice enough to call and make sure everything was okay after the fire,” Kyle said. “I already enjoyed working with ADS, but after this experience, I would definitely recommend ADS to my neighbors, friends, and family.” 

To learn more about how you can prepare your home for a fire, visit our home fire protection page to see how you can protect family, friends, and pets in the event of a fire.  

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