Home Security System Helps Catch Criminal on the Run

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Caught by ADS Security: Bandit Steals Two Cars and Tries to Escape Police on Kayak

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 at exactly 1:21 pm, an alarm was set off in Lynn Nickoley’s Georgetown, Tennessee home. Convicted criminal Kendall Speegle was in the process of breaking into her home. Speegle was on the run from the police after stealing a Chevy pickup truck, a blue Jeep, and a kayak that he used to cross the lake behind Lynn’s home.

ADS Security was notified about the alarm and immediately called Lynn.

Lynn couldn’t answer, she was in Mexico on vacation. Her spotty service prevented her from receiving the call, so at 1:25 pm, ADS Security called the police to investigate.

Nickoley Family
Nikoley Family is happy ADS Security was able to help after their break-in.

Lynn and her husband Ross had heard about ADS Security from a close family friend that recently had a system installed. So, when the Nickoley’s purchased their Georgetown home, they knew they needed to speak to the local team in Chattanooga about how to better protect their property.

An ADS sales representative was assigned to help Lynn and Ross. He went through each room of the house and identified the potential vulnerabilities in the home. With his recommendations in mind, the Nickoley’s made the decision to install motion detectors and a glass break sensor in their living room as well as monitors on the garage back door and garage interior door. Little did they know how important that decision would be.

Kendall Speegle used a cinder block to break the glass on the Nickoley’s French doors and entered their home. In doing so, he activated the glass break sensors and his entry then set off the living room motion detectors. ADS was notified immediately. ADS Security confirmed with local law enforcement that an active pursuit was taking place in the area. Police sent a squad car and several unmarked cars to the Nickoley home and waited for the suspect to emerge. After a brief pursuit, police were able to apprehend the burglar and finally place him under arrest.

Lynn returned to the states the next day. On Monday, May 13, 2019, at 8:10 am, Lynn received another call from ADS: “Mrs. Nickoley, how are you doing? We have two technicians standing by to help repair the equipment that was damaged during the break-in. When would you like them to be there?”

“I had not requested that; I hadn’t even had time to think about that,” Lynn said. “Yet ADS was right there. Two guys came in. They spent about two hours at my house. They checked out every single monitor that we had. And they were phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. It made me feel secure again, and I hadn’t even thought to call them. And there they were: immediately, at my door. First thing Monday morning. It was a total team effort, they thought for me.”

Lynn continued: “If ADS had not been a part of my home, that man would have taken 4 times as many things from our home. The police would not have been alerted. He would not have been pursued.” Lynn stated after the arrest.

“Because of ADS Security, that individual was apprehended and is currently in jail. I have met policemen and detectives, sheriffs and deputies who are now my friends. When I pass their cars in our community, I am aware that these people were on my premises protecting me while a dangerous criminal was trying to harm them. If ADS had not been a part of that, he might still be out there. Yes, it is a little bit of an expense: I would pay it again and again to protect my neighbors who were home with their families. If ADS had not been a part of that, the story would not have a happy ending.”

Lynn and Ross Nickoley remain friends with members of the local police and the ADS Chattanooga team. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your home, visit https://adssecurity.com/build-your-system/ to create a home security package that best fits your needs.

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