Burglar Caught on Camera: Atomic Resource Recovery

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Atomic Resource Recovery

Around 6:00 pm on June 21, the manager at Atomic Resource Recovery missed a call from ADS Security.  He quickly checked the ADS Aniware app and realized there was a criminal inside the building stealing toilet paper and trying to get into their tool room.  

After the authorities were alerted, and thanks to the fast ADS response time, he was able to pull up the video feed and assist the dispatcher so they could catch the criminal.  

After the break-in, there were damages to the security equipment and technicians were called on-site to help repair the broken equipment and strengthen the facility for if there was another break-in.  

One of the reasons Atomic Resource Recovery chose to work with ADS was because they were a local and preferred company. ADS also had the ability to secure the building, the tool room, and the overall property. 

With drivers coming in as early as 1:00 am, now Atomic Resource Recovery has the peace of mind of knowing that if the security system was to go off, the manager could warn drivers of an intruder and keep them out of harm’s way.  

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