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    Home Automation Systems

    Control your home from your phone.


      Simplify your life with an ADS Aniware® home automation system. Control your alarm system, door locks, thermostats, lights and more with the touch of a button.

      • Save energy by adjusting your thermostat from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
      • When you are away, unlock the doors for a family member, nanny or repairman.
      • Stay informed with email or text alerts that tell you when family members arrive home, a burglar alarm has activated, or the temperature has changed.

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        Arm/Disarm your alarm system

        Manage your home security system on-the-go with the ADS Aniware® app. Know when your system has been armed or disarmed and receive instant email or text alerts to keep you informed of events, as they happen.

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          Lock/Unlock your doors

          No more fumbling for your keys at the door. Simply enter your code or program your door to automatically lock/unlock when your alarm arms/disarms.

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            Turn your lights on/off

            Not sure you remembered to turn all of your lights off before you left the house? Just check the ADS Aniware® app. ADS light modules let you make sure you're not wasting any energy while you're away.

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              Adjust your thermostats

              The average homeowner spends approximately $1,900 each year on utilities and 50% of that cost is spent on home energy. Add smart thermostats to your system and start saving on your monthly energy bill.

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                Water automation

                Save thousands on costly water damage repairs. Automated water valves allow you to instantly turned off the water in your home when integrated water sensors detect a leak.

                Stay smart, know the facts

                  On average, home automation systems save a household 15% of their monthly energy bill.

                  People with home automation receive an average of 20% savings on home insurance.

                  A single bulb can last 2.28 years when dimmed 50%. That is 20x longer than normal.

                  On average, heating and cooling makes up 56% of the monthly energy bill.

                  source: http://avdesigns.com/blog/incredible-home-automation-statistics-that-can-benefit-your-living-space/

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