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    Security Cameras for Business

      Video solutions to protect every type of business.


      • Reduce shrinkage and employee theft with a comprehensive suite of security cameras
      • View multiple locations from one account
      • Check in on your business from anywhere via your smart phone, tablet or computer
      • Choose from a wide-array of resolution capabilities

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      • View live video, receive event-triggered video clips, or record and store video footage locally or in the cloud.
      • Monitor customers, deliveries, service providers, and other visitors at entrances.
      • Generate recorded video footage that is admissable in court so you can bring criminals to justice.
      • Installation, monitoring and support from video surveillance professionals at ADS, and our CSAA Five Diamond Monitoring Center




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            Stay smart, know the facts

              Employee theft accounts for 48% of all business losses.

              A robbery occurs every 46 seconds.

              Shoplifting accounts for 31% of all business losses.

              Studies have shown that security camera systems can increase employee productivity because they know they are being monitored.

              Source: Department of Justice

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