Cop Connie: Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars

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    Cop Connie: Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars

    Cop Connie: Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars
    • 20 September 2017
    • Author: Cop Connie
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    We talked the other day about what burglars are looking for.

    Here are some inexpensive ways to make your home less attractive to a burglar:

    • Not only is a well-landscaped home with exterior lighting very pleasing to the eye, it makes a home very unattractive to a potential burglar. Exterior lighting and good landscaping can make it difficult to operate in darkness and remain undetected.
    • Put a big dog bowl on the back porch, even if you don't have a dog. It sounds silly but the burglar doesn't know if you do or do not have a dog. All you need is to put doubt in the burglars mind. The bigger the bowl the better. 
    • Post a surveillance sign with a photo of a security camera on it. Better yet, set up cameras to monitor your property. Security cameras are a big deterrent for thieves and allow you to check in on your home and property in real time.
    • Plant thorny shrubs near exterior windows. The thorns can act as a deterrent for anyone trying to enter through ground floor windows.
    • Neighbors provide the best security. Speak to a trusted retired senior citizen or stay-at-home parent in your neighborhood and ask them to keep an eye on your home while you are at work. Be sure to periodically do small favors for your "human burglar alarm" such as delivering plates of homemade cookies or running errands for them.

    These tips will help you put layers of protection around your home. There isn't one tip or combination of tips that is 100% burglar proof, but the more difficult you can make a burglar's life, the greater chance you have of keeping your property secure.

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    Cop Connie

    Cop Connie

    Connie Mack Tripp is a retired Metro Nashville Police officer who served in many capacities including Patrol, Homicide Detective, Community Coordinator, Police Academy Instructor and Recruiting Coordinator. Now that he's retired, Connie enjoys traveling the world with his Fiancee and Daughter.

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